Buddhism won the best religion in the world award

The Tribune de Genaf newspaper published an article on Buddhism as the best religion in the world.

Committee for the Advancement of Religion and Spirituality -Internation Coalition for the Advancement of Religious and Spirituality (ICARUS), based in Geneva.  Switzerland has voted on the award.  “The best religion in the world” for Buddhism

More than 200 religious leaders from all spiritual departments  has resolved to award this award at the meeting with a unanimous resolution.

Criteria for consideration will be based on the religion that  Promote peace, love, and a sense of connection both at the individual and social levels.  including supporting environmental conservation  non-violent  By allowing 200 members of all 38 major world religions to vote together.

It is noteworthy that  Many religious leaders voted against Buddhism more than their own religion.  despite having a minority of Buddhists in this committee

And this is the opinion of some committees.

• Johnne Hult, Director of Research at ICARUS, said ….it is not surprising that Buddhists were awarded this award.  Because Buddhists have never had a religious war with anyone.  This is different from other religions.  That seems to keep a gun in the closet.  but will immediately take it out and use it in the name of God.  We have never seen Buddhist forces set up by religion.  They behave in what they teach.  which is completely different from the culture of other religions.  that do the opposite

• Ted O Shanghnessy, Catholic Bishop  from Belfast  said..

“Although I love and respect Catholicism,  But I feel uncomfortable that we teach people to love each other.  But when it’s time to kill humanity together  claiming that it is the will of God. Therefore, I vote for Buddhism.”

• Tal Bin Wassad, a clergyman from Pakistan, said through an interpreter, “Even though I am a strict Muslim,  But I don’t understand why there must be anger and bloodshed in the name of religion.  Rather than having an agreement on a person-to-person basis  which these things can only be found among Buddhists.”

Tal Bin Wassad, an ICARUS member from Pakistan, went on to say:  …In fact, I have many close friends who are Buddhists too.”

• Robbi Shmuel Wassestein from Jerusalem.  Said.. “Of course.  I love Judaism  and is thought to be the greatest religion in the world.  but in fact  I even practice Vipassana every day before praying my religious prayers.”

There is one problem, however, that ICARUS does not know who to award this award to.  Because all Buddhists replied that they did not want that reward.

When asked why Buddhists from Burma do not accept this award.. Monk Bhante Ghurata Hanta from Burma said..
“We thank you for this award.  but we consider this award to all human beings.  because the original mind of the Buddha  All of them are present in all of us.”
🌷 Reference :: http://oknation.nationtv.tv/blog/pierra/2012/11/05/entry-1

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