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Buddhist Dagoba declared opened in University of Jaffna – K’nochchiya Campus


The Buddhist temple  – “Sarasavi Viharaya”.

The Buddhist Brotherhood Society of University of Jaffna constructed and declared opened a grand Buddhist Dagoba within the allocated land plot limit of the Buddhist temple in the University of Jaffna, Kilinochchiya campus on 7th March 2020.

The Buddhist temple had been named as “Sarasavi Viharaya”.


The government and University Grant Commission have allocated one-acre extent of lands to the undergraduates in the University of Jaffna for the construction of a Christian Church, Hindu Temple, a Mosque, and Buddhist temples within the Kilinochchi campus premises.  The funds for the construction shall be sourced by the undergraduates themselves without any support from the government and university officials.

The construction of the Mosque, Hindu Temple and Church is almost completed with the generous contributions received from local donors and foreign countries. However, the progress of the construction of the Buddhist temple has been very poor and slow due to lack of funds received from the donors.


The construction of the Dagoba had been accelerated with the generous donations received from Sri Lankan expatriates and local donors in the recent past. The construction works of the Dagoba had been completed within three months and declared opened in a grand ceremony by the Sinhala students of the University of Jaffna on 7th March 2020.


The chief prelate for the Northern and Eastern two provinces Ven. Panamure Thilakawansha Thero, who is a strong hand for Sinhala Buddhists in the North and Eastern provinces, and Ven. Kiribathgoda Gnanananda, Chief Thero of the Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery, made a prominent presence at the ceremony which attracted many Buddhists in the region.



Ven. Welimada Saddhaseela Thero delivered the main Dhamma sermon at the ceremony.


Further, development works of the Buddhist Temple in the Jaffna University are underway with great difficulties by the Sinhala students in the Kilinochchiya campus.

Presently, Rs. 2 million worth of boundary wall and perimeter fence are being constructed considering the prevailing security and safety for the temple premises.


 Boundary wall and perimeter fence under construction

As the next phase of the development, an Awasa Geya (living quarters) for the residence priests is to be constructed.


Donations and contributions may be extended to the following bank account for the above development works of the Buddhist Temple in University of Jaffna;


The Buddhists Brotherhood Society, University of Jaffna

Account no. 048 2 001 1 0097204

Peoples’ Bank


Sri Lanka


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