Buddhists monks are in North to support flood victims

The Tamil people should thank the Sri Lankan military as their saviours as it protected them from the recent floods and from the brutal LTTE Tamil terrorists. The Tamil people should not demand withdrawal of Sri Lankan military from the North, said Ven. Battaramulla Seelarathana thero, when thero was visiting Kilinochchiya and Mulathiv during the last weekend to help recent flood victims.

Ven. Thro further said that pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists TNA politicians, who demand de-militarisation of North and East were flying in helicopters while the SL military was helping the flood-affected Tamils on the ground.

Ven. Thero’s visit was strengthened internally displaced Sinhala people due to Tamil terrorism while LTTE Tamil terrorism was active in North and East two provinces. The visiting monks donated supplies to the internally displaced Sinhala people who had been neglected by the Yahaplana government under the pretext of reconciliation!

Ven. Battaramulla Seelarathana thero was accompanied by the Ven. Sri Thissapura Gunarathna Thero, who instrumented re-establishment of a Buddhist viharas and Buddhist culture in the North after the Tamil terrorism who destroyed score of Buddhist Viharas and temples in North and East.

Ven. Battaramulla Seelarathana Thero and Ven. Sri Thissapura Gunarathna Thero are helping Tamil children who recently faced with severe floods situation

Ven. Battaramulla Seelarathana thero is the founder of Janasetha Peramuna, an organization helping to poor people. Thero is also running a Sinhala Buddhist housing organisation known as the Sri Parakum Housing Scheme Project.


The monk has been vocal in defending the image of Sri Lanka tirelessly such as on the occasion of former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper boycotting the Commonwealth summit in 2013 to gain cheap political advantage of Tamil votes in Canadian election the monk said many countries were violating the human rights including Canada and his boycott was unreasonable and politically motivated but nothing to do with Human Rights.


Tamil civilians had pasted thanking posters in North to Sri Lankan military that cleaned their lands, water wells etc. due to recent heavy floods.

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