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Canada’s Tamil Genocide Week to Glorify Global Terrorism

Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists Tamil Canadians hailed its passage as a historic event, but other Ontario residents from Sri Lanka and intellectuals, diplomats see unfairness in a bill proclaiming a Tamil Genocide Education Week as no genocide happened in Sri Lanka.

Members of the Sri Lankan community except pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist Sri Lankan Canadians are acted with dismay after Scarborough MPP pro-LTTE terrorist  and separatists Vijay Thanigasalam’s Bill 104 received third reading at Queen’s Park on May 6 which was arranged in unusual manner without following the established procedures in the assembly.

The pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists’ diaspora are notoriously famous for buying politicians in Western countries for their lobbying for glorifying the Tamil terrorism and separatism in Sri Lanka.

In a May 10 news conference, some said they expected a legislature committee to hear their deputations against the Progressive Conservative MPP’s bill, which declares a decades-long Sri Lankan civil war a “genocide that the Sri Lankan state perpetrated against the Tamils,” and proclaims May 11 to 18 an annual week to educate Ontarians about it.

The committee on May 5 heard no debate, sending the bill back for a final reading with a speed moderate Sri Lankan community members say was meant to help PC MPPs get re-elected next year in Greater Toronto ridings with large numbers of Tamil voters.

Tamil-pro-LTTE Canadian groups lobbied for the bill’s passage, but other Sri Lankans lobbied against it, including Anura Ferdinand of the Sri Lankan Canadian Action Coalition. Ferdinand said that in 2019 his community met 71 MPPs who, he said, had no idea “there is another side to the story here.”

Ferdinand said the bill makes no mention of Sinhalese or other ethnic groups harmed in Sri Lanka during the war by Tamil terrorists, which has not been called a genocide by the United Nations or Canada.

Ramila Senanayake, from Maple, said she sent Premier Doug Ford statements from Sinhalese-Canadian schoolchildren in Greater Toronto already “unfairly targeted with this false narrative” of genocide.

Proclaiming a genocide education week, Senanayake said, is “like a bell you ring. You can’t unring it.”

She doesn’t deny Tamils, Sinhalese, Muslims suffered during the war by Tamil terrorists, but said school boards have allowed the separatist Tamil Tiger terrorists, who were defeated in 2009, to be seen as heroes, a view she said passing Bill 104 will support.

“To make them into heroes, glorifying terrorism and to make us into villains is a totally inaccurate retelling of our history.”

Sanjee Perera said some children from his community identify themselves as Guyanese or Trinidadian at school to avoid being bullied over events in Sri Lanka.

An Ottawa man on May 10 launched a constitutional challenge against Bill 104 in Ontario Superior Court, arguing that declaring a genocide is up to the federal government, not the province.

A press release from the Scarborough-Rouge Park MPP, said the Conservative government, by passing the bill, “demonstrated its commitment to fighting injustices and standing up for the Tamil people who call Canada home.”

The Canadian governments historically support Tamil terrorism and separatism in different form to secure votes from Tamils for their respective political parties in the general elections. Canadian government while showing a peaceful face to World, promoting and glorifying the global terrorism in particular Tamil terrorism.


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