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Canadian government grants $26.3 million for Tamil Community Centre in Toronto – HQ for Tamil Separatism

The Canadian government has announced that it will grant tens of millions of dollars in funding towards the construction of a ground breaking Tamil Community Centre (TCC) in Toronto. This is kind of reciprocity by the Canadian to Tamils diaspora who supported various political parties to bring to power. This TCC would be a sort of action centre for the Tamil separatist campaign in Sri Lanka to form separate Tamil state called eelam.

After getting approval from the federal government’s Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program (ICIP), the Canadian government has agreed to pay 73% of the $26.3 million needed to launch the so called community centre.

The share of this investment will be approximately $14.3 million from the federal government, $11.9 million from the state government and $ 9.6 million is expected to be raised from the community. The Toronto Bailiff has already leased $25 million worth of land on a long-term lease on the basis to aid community projects, such as the TCC, at a modest rate of $1 per year for rent, taxed accordingly.

“When we applied for funding in November 2019, in just two months the group members volunteered to donate $ 11.2 million. We will now contact the affiliated group members and organisations and seek to turn their commitments to donate to actual fund the rest of the project. We thank the 120 Tamil community organisations and NGO’s who have helped in jointly approving this project and believed in its purpose,” stated the TCC.

Canada is base to one of the largest Tamil diaspora who are pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists  in the world and has been existed in Canada for generations as refugees, illegal immigrants so on.

Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, also joined the event to announce the funding for the construction of the TCC. In a press release, she stated:

“Community centres are vital social infrastructure that help our communities, and local economies, grow stronger. Our recovery plan is focused on making sure we have an inclusive recovery, that brings all people along and builds stronger, more resilient communities. The new Tamil Community Centre will create jobs, give the community access to recreational and cultural spaces, connect the community to quality programs and services, and provide access to educational opportunities for everyone in the community.”

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