Catholic Priests testify over Jaffna girl’s death

The two Tamil Catholic priests over who suspicion has been raised in connection with the death of a young Tamil girl in Jaffna, testified in court today. When the case into the death of Jeron Consoleeta was taken up at the Jaffna court for hearing today the two Tamil Catholic priests were asked to appear and testify.

The judge later postponed the hearing to next month. Following the death of Jeron Consoleeta, a Tamil girl from Jaffna, her parents had claimed that one of the two Tamil priests from a church which she had attended attempted to force her to marry them and one priest had warned her against revealing his intentions to any third party.

The parents had claimed that the girl often came home scared but did not say anything and it was only after her death that information came to light about the incident involving the priests.

The mother of Jeron Consoleeta, in her testimony before the court in Jaffna last month, claimed she had heard her daughter speak to the priests on one occasion and claimed that both priests had said they were in love with her. Consoleeta’s mother had said that when she questioned her daughter about the telephone conversation she had revealed that both priests had asked her to marry them while one priest had even threatened her.

She said that a day before her daughter was found dead she had gone out and had failed to return home even by the next morning.

A police complaint had been lodged over the missing daughter and that afternoon her body was found inside a well, Consoleeta’s mother told the court last month. Two Tamil Catholic priests are attached to the Jaffna Bishop house where Bishop of Jaffna vigorously working for LTTE Tamil terrorists and in the anti-Sri Lanka activities.


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