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Diaspora Tamils Ask Modi to Help Return the Eelam from Struggling Sri Lanka

The pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist diaspora Tamil Group asking Indian Prime Minister’s intervening in Sri Lanka to create its separate country called Tamil Elam in North and East two provinces of Sri Lanka.

The so called Tamil diaspora has set several numbers of pre-conditions to invest in Sri Lanka such as steps are taken by the government to create Tamil Elam first through establishing the Federal State in North and East, separate Finance and Foreign affairs administration arms to Tamils in North and East.

This same concept is being suggested and lobbied by pro-LTTE Tamil Parliamentarians in Sri Lanka who are waiting for revenging against the President Gotabaya and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa who crushed the Tamil Terrorism and Separatism from Sri Lankan soil.

The text of the letter issued by pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora is as follows:Sri Lanka is better-off with its seven Sinhalese-speaking provinces, focused on its own financial crisis.

Tamils urge Indian Prime Minister Modi to negotiate with Sri Lankan government officials for the return of the Tamil homeland, the Tamil-speaking North-East of the island.

Sri Lanka is in an economic crisis and cannot manage its finances. Tamils do not want to live with Sinhalese who cannot successfully manage their economy.

Tamils do not want to suffer without food because of Sri Lanka’s mismanagement; Tamils know how to live by ourselves without any financial difficulties.

An independent Tamil State, Tamil Eelam, will be financially healthy and the country will have a system of government in which the people have the power to participate in decision-making.

Diaspora Tamils have a great deal of experience in managing finances. A few of them have worked in the financial sector in the western countries as CEOs and CFOs in corporations and other institutions. Some of them are working with governmental budget committees in the EU, Canada, and U.S.

When Tamils have an independent Tamil state, the Tamil diaspora will bring ample capital to invest along with technological know-how to establish manufacturing, fishing, food processing, agriculture, tourism, software and IT industries, as well as the establishment of outsourcing centers for foreign companies.

It all creates many jobs for the population in the North-East and in turn will help Sinhalese achieve economic growth by limiting their investment to Sinhalese Sri Lanka.

Tamils will sign a defensive treaty with India for the long term to protect the Tamil Homeland from any invasion from foreign countries.

We will get help from India to defend the sea-lane that goes under the Tamil state in the Indian Ocean, said the Tamil spokesman.

The Chinese cannot control the sea lane; it is our sea lane. The Chinese currently hold the lease, given to them illegally by Sri Lanka for the sake of short-term profit. Tamils will not allow China to further control the sea lane.

Since the Chinese use loan money as leverage to control the land in poor countries throughout the world, an independent Tamil State will not welcome Chinese. We will reject any Chinese offer.

We know very well from debt-trap diplomacy that if an indebted country fails to service its loans, it becomes vulnerable to pressure from China to support its geostrategic interests.

India will benefit by helping to arrange the formation of an Eelam state  in Sri Lanka that will protect India from Chinese aggression to the south. India need not pay attention to Sri Lankan diplomacy that tries to manipulatively play off the Indians and Chinese. An independent Tamil Eelam is the answer.

Thank you.

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