End Sinhala Monopoly, Says Kumaratunga to Tamils

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga of Sri Lanka said, that the dismantling of Sinhala majoritarian politics, government structures and laws, is essential for the establishment of durable peace in the island nation. The anti-Sinhala group lead by Ranil, Chandrika, Rajitha, Mangala supported by LLTE Tamil terrorist back TNA and SLMC and Mithreepala are working to rights of majority community Sinhala of Sri Lanka.

She has expressed here anti-Sinhala view on her SJV Chelvanayakam, widely known as farther of Tamil terrorism before the LTE leader Prabakaran oration on “Winning the war is not establishing peace” held under the auspices of the pro-LTTE Tamil political party Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi, Kumaratunga said the root cause of the unending ethnic conflict in Lanka is the monopolisation of the political, economic and social resources of the country by the majority Sinhala community to the exclusion of the minority communities.

Analysts are rejecting her statement stating that Tamils and other minorities has more than fair role in Sri Lankan society compare to other countries in particular in the filed of business and commerce, politics so on. It is further noted that almost all the minority based political parties are running their politics based racist basis against the Sinhalese.

In her view, the Sinhala Only Act of 1956 is not the root cause; it is because her farther S W R D Bandaranayake brought this Act. The root cause is that the other two languages, namely Tamil and English, were neglected. The country’s ancient genius will have been truly and fully realised if the Act had been an inclusive one, she said. In the context of the fear and distrust plaguing ethnic relations in Lanka, Kumaratunga urged Lankans not to harp on the bitter past and indulge in a blame game but get down to building an inclusive, democratic and cohesive society.

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