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One time so called peace broker between LTTE Tamil Terrorists and Sri Lankan government, a Norwegian politician Eric Solheim was branded as a total failure in an online seminar organised by a LTTE front organization called Tamil Research Institute.  The topic of the online conference was “Future of Eelam Tamils in Current Geo-Political Dynamics – A Comprehensive Analysis of Eelam Tamil Ethnic Crisis and The Sustainable Solution”. However, the overall event did not go in line with the topic but attacked to each of speakers especially to Eric Solheim who was one of the speakers along with other pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists.

Almost all the speakers including the moderator of the event were blaming Eric Solheim for not maintaining the status quo of the conflicting parties at the peace talks. They even questioned the banners and invitations for the peace talks that were issued were mentioned that “Pease Talk by Sri Lankan Government in Bangkok”.  Tamil speakers with their minority-complex asked why not giving the same status of the Sri Lankan government to LTTE as well. The Tamil speakers seem forgot that they are members of a Terrorist Group who attending a meeting with a legitimate government.

According to Rudrakumaran, the so called prime minister of Trans Government of Tamil Elam, the LTTE at the time of the commencement of the peace talks with Sri Lankan government was said to have been controlling 60% of the coastline and 1/3rd of the Island’s land and further said that they were in a position of strength having captured the Elephant Pass camp and other smaller military camps, and threatening the SL forces holding the Jaffna peninsula.  Pro-LTTE Tamil speakers felt that despite of these military achievements of LTTE Tamil terrorists that the Norwegian facilitator, targeting at Erik Solheim gave more recognition to the government of Sri Lanka than the LTTE. Solheim reacted that these sort of over-confidence and violent mind-set of Prabakaran, LTTE terrorist leader were some of the main reasons to downfall of LTTE.

Tamil speaker of the conference also blamed the Norwegian and the key members of the international
community for their failure to bring about a ceasefire in early 2008 and evacuate the Tamil civilians as well as the LTTE terrorist carders. Speakers tried to blame on the Sri Lankan government that civilians are trapped in the war zone. In fact, they have forgotten to say that all these Tamil civilians were forcefully brought by LTTE Tamil terrorists to the war zone when they retreat to use them as a human shield.

Eric Solheim in turn blamed the LTTE Tamil terrorist for making serious mistakes such as killing
Rajiv Gandhi and Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar which caused the international community that was sympathetic to the Tamils to change their attitude towards the LTTE.

Eric Solheim felt that the LTTE should have aimed at progressively moving towards their goal of a
separate state, instead of taking on GOSL militarily in 2005-2006. Solheim further tried to portrait  Anton Balasinham, a failed and ignorance theoretician of LTTE as a peace loving man. What a jock of Solheim who is parting with Balasinham at the expenses of LTTE funds in all over the world. The Wife of Balasinham, Adel Balasinham, an Australian nurse who is now comfortably living in United Kingdom pioneered the child soldering and LTTE women brigade. Both Rudrakumaran, and Adel Balasinham shall be prosecuted for war crimes with the politicians of Tamil National Alliance, TNA who recognised themselves as representative of the LTTE Tamil terrorists.

Solheim introduced himself at the beginning of his presentation he as a pro-Tamilian and he is for Tamils and for rights of Tamils and had worked all over the world in lobbying the so-called Tamil issue. The main question that would rise here is that how such a biased person would act a peace negotiator or facilitator or peace broker between Tamils and Sinhalese. This is a same question that is being asked how Yesmin Sooka was appointed by then UN General Secretary Ban Key Moon in his independent advisory panel called “Penal of Expert” to advise him about Sri Lanka issue  with Darusman while Sooka  was a full time worker and promoter of LTTE  and Tamils. Also, it is to be noted that in this time High Commissioner of UNHRC was a Tamil, Nava Pillay. So, Erik Solheim cannot be treated as a facilitator or negotiator in any standards acceptable to an intelligent community but can well be considered that Erik Solheim as a pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist.

Eric Solhein in the LTTE Conference – he is next to LTTE Tamil terrorist Rudrakumaran

All the speakers always referred to that the SL military action as Genocide of the Tamils, stating that tens of thousands of Tamil civilians being killed which was never substantiated but taking as a myth to keep the issue runs for some time which in return would generate business for Human Rights champions and extends the asylum seeking and refugee applications lodged ex-LTTE Tamil terrorists and so called Tamil diaspora in EU, Australia, North America etc. for better and luxurious life. They are neither refugees nor political asylum seekers but better economy seekers at the costs of Tamil and Sinhalese lives.

Rudrakumaran, whose hands are soaked with blood, said that the 13th Amendment, Federalism, Co-Federalism and Separate Independent State should be on the options for solution to the so called Tamil issue. And, suggested a referendum with Tamils in Sri Lanka and with Tamil diaspora based on these options. Such a silly proposal would not ever be accepted by a sensible government or the majority of Sri Lankans. A proposal also came to use the South Sudan model of referendum which was also brokered by Western and it is an utterly failure as well.

A journalist and an academic from Tamilnadu wanted the State of Tamilnadu also included in the future negotiations if at all ever again happened!  Eric Solheim said that only the Indian Central government will voice India’s views and not any one of the union states.  They also repeated Mr. Vigneswaran’s claim that the Tamil were the first settlers of Sri Lanka without providing any proof, and further boasting that the Tamil empire once extended from the East Coast of Africa to Cambodia, as though that would be a
qualification to be given control over a separate state to be established in the North and East of Sri Lanka. They also said that Sri Lanka’s recorded history contained in the Mahavansam confirmed their claims.

Further, when Solhiem accused that LTTE is responsible for killing of former Indian Prime Minister Rajeev Gandhi, the moderator and other speakers including Rudrakumaran opposed it and challenged Solheim. They tried to paint a picture that murder of Rajeev was done by other elements and gave a hint that it could be PLO. The funny part of this is that the web site of the organisers of the seminar, Tamil Research Institute has clearly stated that Rajeev Ghandi was murdered by a LTTE female suicide bomber in very proud manner.

History says that whoever unfairly interfered with Sri Lanka paid a huge price.

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