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Expat Sri Lankans Written to UK PM about pro-LTTE Demands

A group of pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist organizations has written to Prime Minister of UK demanding to take international actions against Sri Lanka and commence internationally backed investigation against alleged war crimes and genocides from the following letter;


In response to the above demand of the Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist’s a group of Sri Lankan expatriates from several countries under the banner of “Justice of Sri Lanka” has written a letter to UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson that if UK government considering to bring such resolution against Sri Lanka that resolution shall include to;

  1. prosecute 27  former terrorists of Liberation Tigers Tamil Eelam (LTTE) currently living in the UK as per Sri Lankan Gazette 1854/41 dated 21.04.2014 issued by Sri Lankan government,
  2. Prosecute LTTE Tamil terrorist leader Adele Balasingham who is currently living under cover in UK,

Although LTTE is a banned terrorist organization UK governments entertaining LTTE Tamil terrorist activities and separatism in UK soil.

The full text of the letter and its attachments issued are as follows;

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