No Land for Sinhalese in Jaffna

According to the news reports the Government is planning to introduce a Bill to settle the land issues pertaining displaced persons on account of the terrorist activities of the LTTE. The legislation , the Prescription (special provisions ) Bill as per Justice Ministry’s legal consultant  M.HM.Salmann would help clear the land in the North and the East that have been abandoned for 20 to 30 years during the period of war until 2009. The Act will cover the the period from 1983 and is a welcome piece of legislation.

BUT, the majority of the Sinhala people living in the North more specifically in Jaffna was evicted in the 70s. According to the population figures put out by the Census and Statistics department the number of Sinhalese living in Jaffna and Kilinochchi were 20,402. The figure was reduced to 4615 in 1981.

Hence, the Government should seriously consider to take action enact the validity of the above Act to cover the  period from 1970 to 2009. Otherwise, the Act will be meaningless for the Sinhalese IDPs


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