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Government to File a Case against Adele Balasinham in UK

The Sinhaladeepa Jathika Peramuna, SJP,  a registered political party who are working and campaigning for the integrity of Sri Lanka has written to Inspector General of Police of Sri Lanka to take immediate international legal actions to arrest the LTTE Tamil terrorist’s leader Adele Balasinham who is hiding and living in United Kingdom.

The General Secretary of the SJP, Jayantha Liyanage highlighted that once they have written to Metropolitan Police in London demanding to arrest Tamil terrorist leader Adele Balasinham, the officer in charge for the war crimes section of police has responded SJP by asking sufficient evidence to arrest the Tamil terrorist leader in the UK.  The SJP arguing that Sri Lankan security forces and political leadership has not taken any effective actions to prosecute the LTTE Tamil terrorist leaders and its former terrorist members who are living and hiding in North America, EU and Australia. However, pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist politicians in Sri Lanka and pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora are filing cases in foreign countries  and demanding to arrest and prosecute Sri Lankan war heroes for bogus war crimes and genocide allegations.

The letters issued in Sinhala and English languages by SJP are as follows:


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