Humbugs fishing in troubled waters


In a recent media release, the so-called National Peace Council complained that on three occasions in the past month that activities under its inter-religious reconciliation programme have been subjected to surveillance by the security forcesand that two these events have been outside the former war zones of the North and East, which suggests that the practice of surveillance is encompassing the entire country.”

The NPC issuing such a media release proves the ’peace’ humbugs are fishing in troubled waters again. Though in a somewhat different context this is exactly what they did throughout the anti-LTTE Tamil terrorists, war giving the world the impression that the Tiger terrorists were amenable to discussions and would agree to a reasonable settlement although no one believed the crap except fools. Yet the so-called National Peace Council kept on urging the Government to reach a negotiated settlement, whatever that meant.

What is hilarious is NPC chief ‘Executive Director’ Jehan Perera giving a ‘doctorate’to LTTE ideologue Anton Balasingham. Following are excerpts of an article by eminent writer H.L.D. Mahindapala wrote on this matter and several other issues involving LTTE’s  Jehan Perera’s ‘peace’ outfit. (Mahindapala calls him ‘Pacha’ Perera);

….Pacha Perera is a liar who would twist the truth to suit his political agenda. In other words, he was trying to make the world believe that Balasingham, who was only a Tamil translator in the British High Commission in Colombo, was a scholar holding a post-graduate degree. At best Balasingham must have passed his O-level or, perhaps, may be A-Level. Knowing this Pacha Perera was deliberately lying to boost the image of Anton Balasingham by “conferring” on him a doctorate. This fictitious doctorate was designed to give respectability to “Dr” Balasingham’s propaganda aimed at serving the cause of Tamil Tiger terrorism ” an act outlawed in UN Security Council resolution 1373….

When Jehan (Pacha) Perera told me that he “conferred” a doctorate on Anton Balasingham because others did it, I asked him whether he would jump into a well because others had jumped into it. He grinned sheepishly. He knew he was lying when he “conferred” a doctorate to Balasingham and not knowing how to justify it he came up with the inane excuse that he was following others. Such a stupid answer is not  worthy of a man who claims to have a Ph.D. from Harvard University. Then I asked him whether it is fair for him to lie when he  knows it is not true and how long  he would continue to address Balasingham as “Dr.” now that he knows it is a lie. In reply he admitted, on his own, that it was untruthful and that he would desist doing so in the future. That is the assurance he gave me…

The Governing Council…. ignores the fact  that Jehan’s lie is just not a white lie that can be dismissed as having no consequences. It is a deliberate lie propagated by him to deceive the public and to legitimize the crimes committed by Balasingham’s ruthless mass murderer, Prabhakaran.

Consequently, there is a heavy responsibility and a duty on the highly moralistic Governing Council to deal with its Executive Officer who had lied to the public. This leads to several issues: Has the Governing Council asked for an explanation to this day as to why their Executive Officer lied so blatantly to deceive the public? Will the Governing Council even now  ask for an explanation from their Executive Director and apologize to the public for the of the grievous misconduct of its principal operator at a time when the nation was faced with mass murders of non-combatant civilians legitimized by Jehan (Pacha) Perera glorifying LTTE’s one and only theoretician? Why did the Governing Council turn a blind eye to the complicit role of its Executive Director who was propagating lies for a terrorist organization which is against the UN Security Council Resolution 1373?

Wasn’t Pacha Perera consciously trying to give a shine to the leading ideologue of the LTTE which in turn would cover-up the crimes committed by the LTTE? By trying to butter up Balasingham wasn’t Pacha Perera trying to curry favour with the Tamil Goebbels? Above all, isn’t this lying clear proof of Pacha Perera’s bias to boost the LTTE at the expense of human rights? On the self-confessed evidence of Pacha Perera lying to the public has the Governing Council called for the resignation of its Executive Director? Or are they also complicit  in the crime of covering-up the crimes of the LTTE along with their mendacious Executive Director?

….the Governing Council is trying to prove that the  Executive Director (Pacha Perera) and the Governing Council are two separate and independent entities. In their typical devious ways of lying they are trying to make that one has nothing to with the other. But what is the reality? Pacha Perera holds the key position in the Council as the Executive Director. Any statement issued by the Council comes with the approval of all its members including Pacha Perera. For all intents and purpose, Pacha Perera  is the NPC and NPC is Pacha Perera. His role as Executive Director makes him not only the public face of the NPC but also the key operator with wide powers vested in him to hire and fire, to make an unmake those  in the NPC. The Governing Council is only a puppet-show for Pacha Perera to legitimize it as a multi-cultural, multi-religious formation to market it as a broad front of the nation for him to rake in funds from abroad. In reality he is the body, the face and soul of the NPC…. the Councilors can show their independence by answering  the following questions… :

1.      How did the Councilors get into the Governing Council of the NPC?

2.      Since there are no election and since they do not represent any local electorate who handpicked them?

3.      What kind of remuneration do they get for serving in the Council?

4.      Who has the overall authority in handling the finances of the NPC?

5.      How much are the Councilors paid and how much is the Executive Director paid?

6.      What are the names of those in pay list of NPC, including  the journalists?

7.      Who are the main funders of this budget?

8.      Why has the Governing Council failed to question their Executive Director for dragging the NPC into the sewer?

There are many other questions to be raised. This is only the beginning. And like everything else, let’s start at the beginning.”

Also who gave the NPC to use the word ‘National’ in front? On what grounds are they claiming to be national? Only State Institutions such as the National Institute of Health Services, National Hospital, National Institute of Business Management, National Cadet Corps and National Research Council have the right to do. Political Parties and Movements may do so but they too do not use ‘national’ in front (eg. United National Party, Tamil National Alliance).

The only non-state outfit which used it front was the National Movement Against Terrorism –now defunct. But they were not far wrong because the majority of people in this country were against LTTE  terrorism and the peace they wanted was NOT peace-at-any-cost, which is what the NPC and associated ‘peaceniks’ wanted.

Two other ‘peace’ crusaders – outside  the NPC – shouted themselves hoarse against the anti-LTTE war and then quietly joined the Government. They are now behaving as if they never uttered such crap.  One of them is Rajitha Senaratne and the other is Vasudeva Nanayakkara.

When the Security Forces launched a successful counter-offensive to push back the LTTE Tamil terrorists and secure the Marvil Oya sluice which the Tigers terrorists had closed depriving many farmers of water much needed for their cultivations,Vasudewa in a SLBC Sinhala Service interview said that once Marvil Oya is secured our troops should NOT advance any further in the interests of peace!

In the Sri Lankan context all these pretentious ‘peace lovers’ too are a type of war criminal.  The reason: the longer an armed conflict continues the greater the number of victims it claims. So when anyone continues to call for ceasefires and urges talks with an intransigent enemy from time to time, he / she is obviously causing to prolong the war.

Needless to say if not for India’s intervention at the beginning of the conflict, Sri Lanka could have completely crushed the LTTE insurgency within 10 years. India paid the price for it by losing a large number of her own soldiers and finally paving the way for Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination in 1991.  Taking advantage of this IF GOSL had gone on an all-out offensive against the Tamil Tiger terrorists immediately disregarding the howls of the anti-war crusaders the fighting could have been ended within the next couple of years.  Unfortunately by that time the country under Chandrika Kumaratunga had become a haven for assorted ‘peace’ mongers  like Jehan Perera, Nimalka, Pakiasothy, Rajitha, Dilan, Vasudewa, Mangala Saramaweera (of ‘Sudu Nelum’ fame) and others  – both local and foreign – who were ruling the roost.


The NPC is a self-proclaimed “independent and non-partisan organization that works towards a negotiated political solution to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka….”

But the whole country is aware that it is a well-funded dubious outfit, which right through the anti-LTTE war, was stressing indirectly the need to appease the Tigers to win the peace, although this well-funded dubious outfit never used that word officially knowing well what the consequences would be.  This is the very reason why even today their activities often come under the suspicion of the intelligence services and security forces.

 By Janaka Perera

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