In Memory Of Most Ven Prof Kotagama Wachissara Thero..

Somapala Bandara Ratnayake Nilame was born on the 15th of November 1917 in the village of Rabukkana Kotagama. In 1928 he was ordinate in the name of Kotagama Vachissara in the Sri Maha Viharaya Pamankada. He continued his education at the Mligakanda Vidyodaya Pirivena. As a very keen and bright student, he was awarded the Shayamaraja award of excellence for the best student in 1941. In 1943 he alsofaced the Prachina Pandith examination and was honored with 1st class honors and awarded the Ubayasekara Swarna Mudrika. He has obtained many degrees such as the (B.A) and (M.A) from the University of London. In 1961 he obtained a degree for child psychology from the University of Leeds in London. He worked under A. L. Basham, and C. E. Godakumbura and conducted experiments in the ‘Kandy Era’ and produced an article named Walivita Saranankara and the Upliftment of Buddhism. The London University honored him with the (PHD)degree for this great contribution.

Erudite Teacher At Ananda College And Vidyodaya University, Author And Social Activist Born On 15 Nov 17

Vachissara Thero has rendered his eminent service to Vidyodaya Pirivena, Colombo Ananda College, Kandy Dharmaraja College and many colleges in London. He was the professor in charge of the Buddha Dharma Pitaya in the Sri Lanka Vidyodaya University since 1966. He wrote many articles on Buddhist Literature and the ‘Saranankara Sangaraja Samaya’ won the best award for Literature in 1961. He also wrote many useful books for school children under ‘Bududahama’. Saddhama Ratnaweliya, Hansa Sandeshaya and Elu Attanagalu Vanshaya are a few books that he has edited. He has conducted many Buddhist sermons in many parts of Sri Lanka. Apart from Sri Lanka he has visited London, China, Russia, Mongolia, Germany, India and Switzerland to conduct Buddhist sermons on the theme ‘Buddhist Philosophy’. He represented Sri Lanka as a great leader for Dharma Dutha Services. He worked hard on behalf of the betterment of ordinary people as a leftist in the political field. Vahissara There is a great example for the present political world.

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