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India to support pro-Tamil Terrorist TNA to form Federal State in Sri Lanka

India had assured pro-LTTE  Tamil National Alliance -TNA of continued commitment to political solution in terms of maximum devolution of powers to North and East two provinces of Sri Lanka in the form of a Federal State.   Indian Prime Minister in his address to Sri Lankan parliament under the Yahapalana government stressed that Sri Lanka should go for Federalism for the so called ethnic issue in the Island.

The assurance had been given when a TNA delegation met the Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Mr. Gopal Baglay at India House after the first parliament session.

The TNA delegation led by extremist R. Sampanthan  with corrupted M A Sumanthiram met the High Commissioner of India and discussed the current political developments in the country and had sought Indian support to create Federal State in North and East two provinces of Sri Lanka.

Sources reported that, the meeting between the pro-separatist and terrorist TNA members and Indian High Commissioner lasted for over several hours while the High Commissioner had congratulated the TNA on its re-election to Parliament. The representation of TNA had been drastically diminished following the recently concluded general election from its original 16 seats to 9 seats due to failures of the TNA and its extremists stance taken over Sri Lanka with the International communities.

India continuously  supported for LTTE Tamil terrorists and other Tamil terrorist groups to disestablishes  Sri Lanka to play their dirty geopolitics in the region. Due to cheap geopolitics playing by India the whole Indian Sub-continents is in a venerable situation and general public are suffering from social and economic hardships.


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