Kidnapped Muslim by LTTE Tamil Terrorists uncounted


No information has been received to date as to the Muslims kidnapped by the LTTE Tamil terrorists at Kurukkalmadam , Batticaloa, say the relatives of the missing Muslim individuals. Majority of these relatives who volunteered to testify before the commission  provided information on the individuals who were kidnapped on 07 July, 1990, Kurukkalmadam, Batticaloa by Tamil terrorists. The witnesses have stated that nearly 75 individuals were killed by LTTE Tamil terrorists in the particular incident.

These facts were revealed as the Presidential Commission probing disappearances in Northern and Eastern two provinces commenced public sittings in Kaththankudy  on June 06 2014. It is the first location where a sitting was held in an area where Muslim community is predominant and severely affected due to LTTE Tamil terrorism.

Looking for husband for 24 years Mohommad Kasim Mohommad Haneefa has stated that during the 1990 incident she lost two of her brothers. Shabiya Umma (45) revealed that she lost her father. Another woman said that she is still looking for her husband who disappeared in 1990.

The commission is to hold public sittings on Sunday and Monday at Manmunai Divisional Secretariat

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