LTTE Attack in Diyatalawa?

Separatists Agendist Politician and Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists leader Rajavarothiam Sampanthan just stressed that LTTE may emerge again addressing Parliament less than 24 hours ago, a bus travelling from Jaffna to Diyatalawa on the way explodes injuring 19 people including 12 Military.

Army spokesman says it might be a bomb or a grenade attack according to reports, and still investigating the cause of explosion.

After nine years since war with Tamil terrorists ended for the first time a explosion reported on a passenger Bus carrying Military and Civilians reported.

The Yahapalana government lead by pro-federal Ranil and Sirisena since 8th of Jan 2015 numbers of strategically important military installations closed down and numbers of high power Tamil terrorists were released from the custody.

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