LTTE Christmas Greeting for UK MPs

A front organization of the LTTE Tamil terrorists functioning in the United Kingdom called, Tamil Coordinating Committee of United Kingdom has issued a Christmas and New Year greetings to Secretary of State for Foreign, Mr. Dominic Raab, MP requesting   support from British MPs for the investigation on so called genocide and war crimes in Sri Lanka and demanding to recognize Tamil’s struggle of separatism in Sri Lanka.

LTTE Tamil diaspora in Europe, particularly in the UK are lobbying British MPs to gain their sinister motives for Tamil terrorism and separatism in Sri Lanka. Most of these MPs are being taken care by LTTE diaspora and were supported by the LTTE backed Tamil diaspora to get the Tamil’s votes in the elections.

The UK plays a double-game with Sri Lanka showing friendly face while supporting the LTTE Tamil terrorists by promoting so called war crimes, genocides allegations in the UNHRC against Sri Lanka.

It is reported that UK is contemplating to bring fresh UNHRC resolution against Sri Lanka to UNHRC in March 2021.

UK is a free-run heaven for numbers of former LTTE Tamil terrorists who are responsible for genocides and war crimes committed in Sri Lanka. One of them is Adele Balasinham who is responsible for child-soldering with LTTE Tamil terrorist.

The so-called seasonal greeting issued by LTTE Tamil terrorist front organization is as follows;


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