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LTTE Tamil Terrorists Backed Chief Minister to Remove Northern Governor

The Chief Minister of Northern Province backed by pro-LTTE Tamil Terrorist political party, TNA working hard to remove the Governor of the Northern Province Maj Gen G A Chandrasiri. His latest call came at publicly in his budget speech on December 10, and at a meeting of Sarvodaya, NGO in Colombo on December 21.

Chief Minister Wigneswaran, who praised that LTTE Tamil terrorist leader Velupillai Prabakaran as a freedom fighter and Tamil hero, has been complaining that the Governor is appointing civil servants without consulting him. Governor has defended Wingeshwaran’s separatism motive saying that he enjoys sole power to appoint civil servants under the Provincial Councils Act 42 of 1987.

It is widely believe that ex-terrorists members of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) and LTTE Tamil terrorists members hiding and living in UK, US, Canada, Europe and Australia called and  demanding resignation of Chief Secretary Vijayalakshmi.

Wigneswaran, who has been demanding the replacement of Governor, charged last Saturday that Sinhalese are snatching employment opportunities and “Sinhalising” the North while less than 40% of the total population of 2 million Tamils living in the North province of Sri Lanka’s population of 20 million.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa in his speech on the budget in parliament a few days ago, invited TNA to join the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) discuss the possible limited devolution of power to provinces. The Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists TNA political party has said after a party meeting in Vavuniya on Tuesday that it will not join the PSC. The TNA has reiterated its separatism position that prior to the PSC there should be bilateral talks and a bilateral agreement between the LTTE backed TNA and the government. But Rajapaksa has said categorically that the PSC is the only forum for any talks on devolution.

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