Need fund fighting against Genocide Bill 104 in Canada

Sri Lankan Canadian Action Coalition appeal to you to contribute funds to fight a court case against the Ontario provincial government of Canada which passed a law on May the 6th to educate all Ontarians on a Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka.

The bill 104 that was passed is titled “Tamil Genocide Education Week Act” (TGEWA). Once it becomes law in Ontario, schools in Ontario will begin to teach genocide as a curriculum element especially during the week ending May the 18th, every year.

• The bill 104 is a private member’s bill presented by a pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist Tamil-Sri Lankan member of the Ontario Legislature. This was passed secretively (posted on OLA site the night before and passed with mere 9 out of 124 MPPs of the legislature).

  • Non-Tamil Sri Lankans and community organizations had asked for deputation against this bill but denied of any opportunities to present the truth of the Sri Lankan armed conflict. No proper investigations and background checks regarding the content of the bill have been done prior to the submission of this bill.

    • Neither the Canadian Federal Government nor the United Nations has declared a genocide in Sri Lanka. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, LTTE used child soldiers to a wage an armed conflict for 26 years in Sri Lanka mostly in the North and East two provinces and many members of all ethnicities in Sri Lanka got killed.

    • Sri Lankan Canadian Action Coalition consider this act of passing a bill of criminal nature a sheer violation of the Canadian constitutional rights. Education is a provincial responsibility in Canada but not themes like genocide.

    • A constitutional challenge was also filed for this as Sri Lankan rights have been violated because friends and relatives of Sri Lankan Canadian Action Coalition also died in the conflict. The Ontario the politicians are brainwashing kids and parents so that they can get re-elected in their ridings.

• A full rebuttal of the Bill 104 can be found here:

• This issue is not just affecting Sri Lankan-Canadians but also all ethnicities living in Canada, many people from various ethnic background have come to Canada to live in peace and in social harmony. This type of educational programs will generate anger among some people against other groups resulting in divisiveness.

• This Bill sets a dangerous precedent in other parts of the world and have a potential commercial and sociological impact.

Kindly donate NOW to fight this in court;

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Action Committee – Sri Lankan Canadian Action Coalition


The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a proscribed terrorist organization in Canada, engaged with armed conflict with the Government of Sri Lanka to create a mono-ethnic state living in North and East of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka government militarily eliminated LTTE supreme leader, senior leadership and cadre and ended the armed conflict on May 18, 2009. Sri Lankan government rescued 295,000 Tamils used as a human shield by LTTE Tamil terrorists at the end of the armed conflict and also rehabilitated 13,000 LTTE cadres.

Mythical Tamil Genocide is pro-LTTE Tamil Terrorist propaganda and seriously harms Ontario’s diversity and ethnic harmony. The applicant alleged the Ontario Ford government used a cheap political approach to regain his political bankruptcy.

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