Need LTTE Back – UNP Minister

State Minister of Child Affairs pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist UNP MP Vijayakala Maheswaran says that the LTTE terrorists should be resurrected for the freedom of the Tamil people.
If Tamil people want to live freely, the LTTE should raise their hand again, she further stated.
She made these comments at a state event held in Jaffna on 2nd June in front of Northern Chief Minister, a Government Minister Vajira Abeygunawardana and TNA MPs and other pro-LTTE Tamil politicians.
While she pointed out women of North are facing harsh difficulties, she also mentioned the recent murder of a 6 year old girl in Jaffna by Tamil thugs called Ava Group.
Meanwhile, the President is only engaged in the development of his party and does not check on the civilians in North, she said.
However, sources reported that both pro-minority President Sirisena and Pro-federal Prime Minister Ranil are extended their full supports and resources to the Tamils in Northern and Eastern two provinces while neglecting Internally Displaced Sinhala people in North and East.

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