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  • Notice of Constitutional question against Bill 104, Tamil Genocide Education Week Act filed in Superior court today!

Notice of Constitutional question against Bill 104, Tamil Genocide Education Week Act filed in Superior court today!

Bill 104, Tamil Genocide Education Week Act, 2021 unconstitutional and should stop force and effect in Ontario, the Notice of Constitutional Question filed with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on May 10, 2021. Ontario Attorney General was named as a respondent to the application.

Alleged Tamil Genocide has not been decided with any competent legal authority globally, such as the International Criminal Court and International Court of Justice. Further UN has not initiated any action against the alleged Tamil Genocide due to lack of evidence. The Standing Committee on Regulations and Private Bills which reviewed the bill after 2nd reading, did a “clause by clause” review on the 4th of May night, without proper consultation from experts nor the enormous amount of public deputation requests that were before the committee. The Bill was put forward for the 3rd reading without fact checking on 5th of May. The narrative of the controversial bill recognized one party over another in a conflict where the insurgent group LTTE Tamil Terrorists are still banned in Canada. There was also an allegation that the committee chair MPP Logan Kanapahti acted in conflict of interest as he was also a promoter of the same the same bill, in an attempt to glorify the LTTE Tamil Terrorists as freedom fighters to be taught in Ontario education system.

Applicant Dr. Neville Hewage, an adjunct professor and Research Fellow at the International Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Law at Laurentian University, Canada, argued that Ontario has no jurisdiction to decide Genocide and create, pass or amend the law. He further argued that Genocide is a criminal matter and has the only jurisdiction with the Federal government. He also said Ontario Government has the power to determine aspects of Education but not the Genocide.

The inclusion of the mythical Tamil Genocide into the education system has serious negative consequences. He noted that the primary purpose of Bill 104 is to promote the mythical Tamil Genocide and influence Canadian asylum policy.

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a proscribed terrorist organization in Canada, engaged with armed conflict with the Government of Sri Lanka to create a mono-ethnic state living in North and East of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka government militarily eliminated LTTE supreme leader, senior leadership and cadre and ended the armed conflict on May 18, 2009. Sri Lankan government rescued 295,000 Tamils used as a human shield by LTTE Tamil terrorists at the end of the armed conflict and also rehabilitated 13,000 LTTE cadre.

Mythical Tamil Genocide is pro-LTTE Tamil Terrorist propaganda and seriously harms Ontario’s diversity and ethnic harmony. The applicant alleged the Ontario Ford government used a cheap political approach to regain his political bankruptcy.

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