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Poor Diplomacy of Ranil on Australia and other Friendly Countries

SRILANKA/Ranil Wickremasinghe who was self-appointed as Prime Minister of Sri Lanka without contesting any election in which he lost more than 20 times, arrogantly attacking on friendly countries of Sri Lanka such as China, Pakistan, Australia so on while maintaining close  ties with countries like US, UK, India, Norway  who are working against Sri Lanka.

In a recent media interview  with “The Australian”, the  pro-Federalist and widely regard as anti-Sinhala Ranil  criticised the Australian Government’s policy of allowing Sri Lanka to handle its internal issues without foreign intervention.  In this interview pro-13A  and pro-LTTE Ranil  has criticised Australia, along with other nations that had backed Sri Lanka’s move to establish its own domestic instrumentalities to resolve the human rights issues arising from the last phase of the war against the LTTE Tamil terrorists.

This immature statements and thinking of present Prime Minister of Sri Lanka has hurt many Sri Lankans living in Australia and Australian.  Ranil’s illogical views has been criticised by many Sri Lankan civil societies and issued a press statement.

The full text of the Press Release issued by Sri Lankan origin Australian based organizations is as follows:

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