Pre-Geneva advice for Sri Lanka

The 3rd annual sacrilegious pilgrimage to Geneva for some has already begun. The participants obviously have varying objectives but devising a multipronged attack towards a very clear single objective. An eventual plan to create a US satellite state out of Sri Lanka’s North and an interim plan to set the foundation towards that objective. The foot soldiers tasked to help achieve this objective are now coming out in various forms necessitating the Government to not approach the issue for political mileage but to address the issues holistically and place the interests of the country before all else.

Exposing Colonial Agenda

Sri Lanka needs to set the records straight. The divide and rule policies and the manner colonial rulers strategized to divide communities/tribes people and create new ‘blocs’ of people to align to them is a fact that all former colonies and present members of the UNHRC will be able connect to. They will understand against their own examples how minorities were purposely given better treatment than the majority and how the British and other colonial rulers by virtue of English Catholic/Christian missionary education created a new bourgeoisie class of elitist English speaking people (comprising both majority and minority) to whom the post-independence leadership was handed over. Nationalist leaders whom they felt uncomfortable with were all eliminated – the assassinations of Congo’s Patrice Lumumba and Myanmar’s Aung San are two good examples of what the West will do if they find leaders to be nationalist figureheads able to rally people around them. Their darlings instead are natives who are ready to think, act and rule Sri Lanka as their agents and according to their dictates. Some may think there is no harm in being ruled by the Whites once more but the contemporary success of that blueprint is evident in the total anarchy prevailing in Kosovo, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and all of the other nations the US and Allies had entered on the pretext of dislodging the ‘dictator’ and bringing ‘freedom’ – all these nations are in worse conditions than when ruled by the supposed ‘dictator’.

Then there are another lot of nations currently facing unprecedented internal strife all of which are funded by West who are illegally training and arming rebel movements – Africa, Latin America, break-away Soviet Union nations and now countries of the Middle East are good examples of this scenario. Sri Lanka was one such victim with India arming and funding the initial Tamil militant groups. The reality of this unethical practice by weapon manufacturing nations and selling these arms to rebels and governments is the fundamental reason why conflicts will prevail and remain in stalemate unless this key component is addressed. No amount of counter-terror measures can suffice if countries claiming to be championing peace and global goodwill make weapons for profit and sell arms to both rebels and governments.

UNHRC member states must also be appraised of the new Christian West agenda –revisiting of the 3 factors that plagued the world for over 500 years – conquest, commerce and conversion. Much as nations may not like to admit in analysing the key components that steer the current wave of incursions and political agendas it is not difficult to conclude that a group of nations are out to secure land, resources and convert natives. The Hindu civilization religions of Hinduism and Buddhism are the 2 biggest targets.

Conquest, Commerce and Conversions are now restrategized into the West’s geopolitical agenda for a new world order using the UN as its gladiator. Human Rights, Freedom are all labors of Christian NGOs who use their charity status to lay the foundations for conversions at grassroot levels. The UN entities and their guiding principles are all lynchpins used in a broader exercise that sets out a clear agenda to take over nations through military intervention using R2P doctrine, continue divide and rule policy by arming groups and placing them against the other, tap into the resources and divert them to their nations while the natives are kept busy fighting each other.

Given that land and commerce are the 2 main factors that give oxygen for the proposals/Resolutions/recommendations issued through the UN it is not hard to realize that the gameplan is to take away the sovereign rights of nations by other means using their own natives to virtually hand over internal jurisdiction, legal and administrative, police and law & order, land into the custodian of the UN which in turn means that a handful of Christian Western nations would rule over nations bifurcating the sovereign rights of nations drowning the Westphalian sovereign state right bringing the natives to the level of virtual slaves no different to how they lived under colonial rule.

UNHRC members who are themselves rich in natural resources or placed geopolitically and who are non-Christian heritage nations need to nurse fears that they are likely to become next targets in a growing expansion drive of military intervention taking place starting off with the Arab Spring. The setting up of Kosovo with US/NATO military bases is to use Islamic fundamentalists supplied via Saudi to completely disturb development in these break-away Soviet nations. The example of Ukraine shows how UN is being manipulated by the US and that diminishes the credibility of both Ban Ki Moon and Navi Pillay subjecting them to sepoy puppets of Western imperialists. The new envoys in the form of Biswal are the new breed of natives in foreign attire being outsourced the dirty work and there are plenty of eloquent, English speaking Colombians standing in the queue wanting to take up similar roles and we know these to be the small fringe group belonging to Colombo’s cocktail elites.

It has been unfortunate that even the Islamic world has been penetrated using a British-created religion to purposely divide the Muslims and use Islam to create indoctrinated fighters to wage underground movements on behalf of the West and we see the foundations of these taking shape through targeted mosques, madrassas, influence over dress subjecting Muslims  to be ‘mindcontrolled’ under their hegemony which has been a global success as only a handful of Muslims are willing to question.

Sri Lanka must also place among the UNHRC members the context with which Sri Lanka came to be saddled with the Tamil problem – these must again cover divide and rule, minority privileges to a point where denial would lead to blaming not the British but the majority, the indentured labor of Indians being transported and dumped in all continents of the world, the education privileges that led to minorities securing post-independence jobs and statistically showing the unfairness to continue a biased policy upon independence. These factors are all issues that the UNHRC and most of the UN General Assembly countries would all agree with for they themselves suffer similar problems. We need to align with issues that are common. Take up issues that have common empathy, build on these to further relationships. Countries must know that nations who pretend to be ‘friend’ are also plotting their downfall from behind the scenes.

This is exactly what Sri Lanka experience from its closest neighbour. Sri Lanka never imagined India would clandestinely transport Tamil youth to Tamil Nadu and train batches in guerrilla warfare and send them back to Sri Lanka to destabalize the country. Jain Commission Report and Sansoni Commission conclusion (1977) reveal that arming of LTTE and other militants and training them took place in India by the Indian Government. Sansoni’s conclusion was that the TULF leadership ‘communal violence (1977) was retaliation for a section of the Tamil leadership asking for a separate state and fostering a militant movement”…..’as far as the population of the whole island is concerned the claim to a separate state is unpopular and will be resisted by the majority community”.

At the same time while Tamils use the 1983 riots to project itself as victim, Tamils conveniently exclude mention that the UNP Government was responsible and if 1983 riots upsets Tamils so much we continue to question why the majority of Tamils continue to vote for the UNP for which electoral results are easy proof. Using this same argument we again question how far Tamils regarded LTTE as a terrorist organization that denied their rights too. While we think that Tamils join us in being happy about the elimination of the LTTE, in realizing that the cadres were all low caste and poor given that bulk of high caste Tamils had no empathy for this lot of people, we now begin to wonder whether it is because the LTTE were eliminated that the higher strata of Tamil society are not coming forward to denounce the moves of foreign domiciled Tamil economic refugees who are simply playing the tune that the West asks them in a game of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours.

The next and most important realization for Sri Lanka is the realization that Sri Lanka is being targeted to break several threats and challenges to Christian West’s domination in the Asian region. Firstly, by pitting the Hindus and Buddhists against each other as well as setting the stage for a Sinhala-Tamil divide a dual objective is reached. Both India and Sri Lanka have fallen prey. The ill-will is further fired by Christian ‘moderates’ and ‘intellectuals’ analysing the situation and drawing conclusions to further aggravate ties that should make India realize that the future Prime Minister if he were ever to be Narendra Modi, he should not dispose of the nationalistic elements that is the reason why he is likely to be elected to power. Sri Lanka’s leader has been subject to various bogeys all dangled by non-Buddhists in attempts to shrug off the nationalism, do away with Buddhism, scale down on the place Buddhism has been given historically and enticed to adopt the foolhardly ‘multicultural’ slogan. Having initially fallen for the trap the State appears to have realized that this alone would distance the Government’s entire vote base which was the unspoken objective of the strategy of the ‘multiculturalists’ and ‘liberalists’. We can immediately identify who these personalities presenting these slogans are. Identify the items that are targeted for destruction and protect these instead of helping to destroy them thus exposing the defence of the entire nation.

Expose the Accountability sham:

Countries that did little about LTTE crimes as they took place daily, monthly and yearly throughout 3 decades have little moral authority to speak of the last 4 months simply because their vessel was deflated. These realities need to be reminded even diplomatically even to next door neighbour India that pretends to be working in the interest of Sri Lanka but devising all sorts of plans to annex Sri Lanka using the Tamil ticket.

UNHRC members need to also be appraised that the LLRC is a local document. Recommendations are for the Government to chose from. Recommendations do not have to be taken in toto and recommendations that foreign nations insist on a sovereign nation does not have to address. These are issues that even other fellow UNHRC nations will be concerned with.

A UN that is filled with corruption scandals, incompetency and ethics issues cannot claim to have the scorecard to dictate to sovereign nations on how to govern. UN should be dealing with its scandals and corruptions and should have effectively eliminated them first. Sri Lanka is in a good position to show how a handful of Western nations are picking nations that have either resources, geopolitical positioning or both and through the UN attempt to take away their sovereign rights using bogus lies. The rehabilitation, reconstruction, resettlement program by the GOSL was designed locally, the UN has no such blueprint because Sri Lanka remains the only country that eliminated terrorism. Instead of telling us what to do Sri Lanka’s success story should be shared for enough of foreign delegates have arrived and seen for themselves the tremendous changes in just 4 years. Problems are all part of society – it is not that any of the Western nations do not have problems themselves and if they have all the solutions why have they not adopted these in their countries?

US/NATO entered Iraq with lies. They entered Afghanistan by lying. They did the same in Kosovo, Yugoslavia, Haiti, Sudan, Libya and the Arab nations except its satellite state. They have armed rebels in Africa who are fighting each other and now they are moving into Asia. Asian leaders must be urged to not fall prey. Diplomatic talks must centre around the neo-colonial agenda for Asia breaking up nations until they reach China and Russia. Asia must stand firm and not allow a scenario that Africa, Middle East, East Europe are currently experiencing to take place in Asia.

Asian leaders need to remove their multicultural attire – it is a bogey, they need to be nationalist, urge countrymen to think nationally and they too must stop the current level of mismanagement for the West encourages this because they can use it at a later time towards the downfall of that leader – Saddam, Mubarak are examples.

Finally, Sri Lanka needs to take some stern action against separatist elements in Sri Lanka whether they be political parties, politicians, local NGOs and their heads, internationally funded NGOs or their heads – we have a solid Constitutional provision to take action against them and action must be taken. The country has endured enough of calls for separatism made a joke by using fancy words to cover the real meaning and the opportunist politics must end. It is time the nation started to think about building the country, empowering the people, developing society, inculcating good values and morals amongst society – that is what real development is about.

Shenali D Waduge

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