Vasudeva for of 13th Amendment

Appointed Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara from the national list, who could not face for a general election to elect to the parliament due to his pro-eelam stance against the majority of Sri Lankans  are planning on campaign to the government to implement the forced enacted of the 13th Amendment by Indians. Vasudeva and his so called NGO backed academics and intellectuals are working for a brainwashing campaign that if the government does not follow the procedures of the 13th Amendment, International Community in particular Indian government may impose the embargo against Sri Lanka.

As a part of this brainwashing campaign to the decision makers in Sri Lankan Government, Vasudeva is mobilising the resources of his ministry; Ministry of National Language and Social Integration. The ministry has organized a mega conference called “The Convention of National Unity” at BMICH in March 2013. The invitation letters has sent out to all over the world and has invited individuals and NGOs to attend to the convention to promote multi-culture, multi-religion, multi-language, and multi ethnic society in the island. Further, in the invitation letter Vasudeva has overlooked the unitary state of the country and attempt has been made to promote united Sri Lanka concept which propagate by his brother in law, Pro-LLTTE Tamil terrorists Chief Minister of Northern province Vingeshwaran.


Sinhalanet have a view that Pro-LTTE Vingeshwaran who paid great gratitude to LTTE terrorists leader and its cadres is using his brother in law, Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara to influence the general public through his ministry and brainwash the decision makers of the government including President Mahinda Rajapaksa who is due to attend to the Convention as the key note speaker.

A meeting has called by Minister Vasudeva at his ministry, with several ministers who are pro-13A and has track records of Anti-war element during the war with LTTE terrorists including Rajitha Senaratne, Reginald Cooray and Douglas Devananda as well as a few Members of Parliament such as Wasantha Senanayake, Ramesh Pathirana.

NGO baked pro-LTTE and separatism campaigners such as Kumar Rupesinghe, Victor Ivan, Dayan Jayathilake and some academics has attended the meeting with the Minister Vasudeva to discuss as to how to implement the 13A which was rejected by the majority of Sri Lankans.

Vasudeva has promised the attendees that ideas and suggestions made at the meeting would be documented and a report would be presented to the President to address at the planned Convention in March.

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