President opposes 20th A brought by Pro-LTTE JVP

President Maithripala Sirisena is not in agreement with the proposed controversial 20th Amendment to the Constitution, brought by the pro-TNA JVP, seeking the abolition of the Executive Presidency to pave Tamil eelam in Sri Lanka, It was brought by the JVP who lose the common ground with the people, but the people at the grassroots level are disturbed by it. It is a known fact why JVP brought it; it is a known fact how many people went to have secret discussions with some of so called foreign funded non-governmental organizations and pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist TNA and JVP. The JVP who is now being funded by Tamil Diaspora and UNP is a very weak party today in Sri Lanka.

There was also a secret conspiracy to approve a new Constitution with pro-LTTE TNA and JVP, but President and Opposition would not allow this to happen it.

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