Pro-LTTE TNA Demands new Constitution with Indians

The pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists four-party  Tamil National Alliance (TNA), yesterday, demanded that a new Constitution be enacted before the next Provincial Councils polls. The TNA leader, representative of LTTE Tamil terrorists and so called Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan who never involved with national politics and national affairs but Tamil separatism sought India’s support for new Constitution when he met Indian foreign secretary Vijay Gokhale.

TNA  is in fear of losing two third majority of pro-minority Ranil Wickramasinghe lead government   and had said that the chances of mustering a two third majority in Parliament is possible and therefore the new Constitution must be adopted before the end of the year, and he had further said that we cannot simply afford to miss this opportunity.

 Racist  and one time sole representative of LTTE Tamil terrorists whose hands are soaked with Sinhalese bloods; Sampanthan had said  he want a solution within a united but not in an unitary country to so called longstanding Tamil  question through a Federal  Constitution.

 Sampanthan has also stressed that the New Constitution must have the features mentioned in the Indo Sri Lanka agreement which is a Federal State which leads to so called Tamil eelam.

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