Pro-Tamil Diaspora Tourists Misuse Visa Status

Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has stated that he has received several information that certain foreigners, specially pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist arriving in Sri Lanka with tourist visa, are getting involved in political, separatism and terrorism propaganda activities.

it was found that some of those tourists, who arrive Sri Lanka, remain in the country even after their tourist visas expire and once they are arrested or questioned for violating immigration and emigration laws, they try to interpret it as a ‘human rights violation’.  The recent incident of Canadian Tamil lady MP is a classic example for this nature.

Foreigners have the freedom to arrive in Sri Lanka on tourist visa and enjoy their visit in Sri Lanka. However, it can observe that the LTTE backed Tamil diaspora is trying to misuse this freedom,” he said. He further emphasized that the government cannot allow anyone to violate immigration and emigration regulations. He said that there were people involved in terrorism and manufacturing of bombs, who are now trying to speak about human rights.

Sri Lanka recently expelled number of western tourists and an Indian LTTE activist who are engaged with separatism and political activities in Sri Lanka  while on tourist visa to visit the country.

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