Prosecute Former LTTE Terrorist Leaders for War crimes

The Sinhaladeepa Jathika Peramuna, SJP,  a registered political party who are working and fought against Tamil terrorism and separatism in Sri Lanka  has raised a very valid issue with the authorities who have not taken any effective actions on this regards since the end of Tamil terrorism in May 2009.  While the UNHRC keeps making allegations against Sri Lanka and its security forces for alleged war crimes so called international community or UNHRC has not paid any attentions to the war crimes committed by LTTE terrorists and Tamil politicians who supported the LTTE terrorism.

The General Secretary of the SJP, Jayantha Liyanage has written to President of Sri Lanka  and requesting to prosecute the LTTE terrorist leaders, politicians and Tamil diaspora who supported, promoted and glorifying Tamil terrorism and separatism.  The Sri Lankan government issued a gazette in February b2021  and proscribed numbers of individuals and organizations as terrorists. The SJP emphasizes that government shall put into the actions such proscription to be a meaningful proscription.

The letters issued by SJP in Sinhala and English languages are as follows:




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