Protesters Support Tamil Elaam Campaign in Canada

The sources reported that in coincide with the Tamil Elaam Campaign organised by PRO-LTTE Tamil terrorists Diaspora in Canada the organisers of protesters in Galleface in Colombo has sung the Sri Lankan National Anthem in Tamil language.

Tamil Canadians held a car rally Saturday April 16th 2022 started at 12 pm, to request Canada and the International community with the following message “Time to Recognize Independent State for Tamil Nation”.

Hundreds of Cars, from Brampton and Scarborough merged at Yonge St. & Sheppard Ave. proceeded through Dundas Square to Toronto downtown.

The following messages were seen on the banners:

(1) Recognize Tamil people’s right to Self-Determination;

(2) Remove seven decades occupation of Tamil Nation;

(3) Send Genociders, including Rajapakshe brothers, to ICC.

Also following hashtags were used on the banners:

#TamilNation #TamilGenocide

The rally reached U.S Consulate office at 5 pm and concluded with the commitment to continue the struggle until “Independent State for Tamil Nation” is recognized.

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