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R. Sitsabaiesan’s Illegal Conduct & False Claims to Get Publicity

Hon. T. Mulcair
Leader of the Opposition
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario.

Dear Sir:

I am writing to bring to your attention the illegal, questionable conduct of your M.P. Ms. R. Sitsabaiesan. It illustrates the ignorance, arrogance and depths to which Canadian parliamentarians will stoop in their efforts to get a few hundred votes of the Tamils in the Toronto area. These are the same Canadians who supported and still support the LTTE terrorist’s goal of dividing Sri Lanka by stunts such as Rathka’s who used LTTE media to make false accusations and claims to embarrass Sri Lanka and which both the Canadian media and gullible parliamentarians fell for. Until these false claims were made, Sri Lankans did not know who she was and could not care less that she was a Canadian M.P. because they had already had a dose of Canadian M.P.’s lies and publicity stunts courtesy of Mr. D. Obhrai who represented Canada at the Commonwealth summit. Mr. Obhrai in his ignorance even laid a wreath with a banner in three different languages with three different messages possibly because the Canadian High Commission in Colombo was unable to make accurate translations and Mr. Obhrai was none the wiser. It was not lost on Sri Lankans and just illustrated the farce of Canadian politicians behaving like puppets with their strings being pulled by the LTTE supporters in Canada. Having made these farcical acts in Sri Lanka to embarrass Sri Lanka, Mr. Obhrai returned to report to his LTTE handlers in Toronto and even made the claim that Canada is a friend of Sri Lanka. With “friends” such as these LTTE promoting Canadian parliamentarians, Sri Lankans ask who needs enemies? Sri Lankans certainly do not want Canadian led LTTE terrorism again.

It was these same LTTE supporters who funded Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka for decades with the tacit approval of Canadian parliamentarians who attended fundraising activities as well as various rallies in Canada to support LTTE terrorism. After the LTTE were defeated militarily in 2009, these LTTE supporters have joined political parties and are now working with the left-over LTTE supporters worldwide including the parliamentarians in Sri Lanka who still support the LTTE, to renew the effort to divide Sri Lanka. In this effort they are supported by the Canadian media who publish unsubstantiated, false news reports from the same LTTE propaganda news media that fooled the world for thirty years during the war and continue to do so today, because these supporters of the LTTE are certain that they can dupe Canadian politicians who lack integrity and principles and will repeat any lie without giving any thought to whether it is factual and true with the only goal being getting votes in Canada. It is a fact that they do not care for people in Sri Lanka who they helped terrorise. Now the “terrorising” is in the form of Canadian parliamentarians going to Sri Lanka and attempting to join forces with the LTTE supporters to achieve the division of Sri Lanka. That they have been responsible for the deaths of thousands in the past means nothing to them in their goal to get elected in Canada. They are willing to support renewed hostilities, the killing of many more just to get elected in Canada all the while claiming that they support democracy, human rights, rule of law, accountability and responsibility. Rathika’s affiliation to the LTTE supporters is illustrated in the picture attached. As the leader of the NDP are you too a closet LTTE member in Canada? Were you not aware of her affiliations to Tamil terrorist supporters or did you give her the nomination because of her LTTE connections?

It has been reported in the news that you contacted the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in Canada to inquire about the safety and security of your M.P. Rathika Sitsabaiesan. It is too bad that you did not check the source of the news regarding her supposed “house arrest” and safety before making that call. Did you approve the agenda and goals of her proposed visit? Did your party pay for her trip? In the interests of responsibility, transparency and accountability perhaps you could let the Canadian public know.

Are your Members of Parliament not aware that it is illegal to go to other countries as “tourists” and engage in politics? That is the law. Canadian politicians were kicked out of China in 1992 for attempting to meddle with internal Chinese politics. Further there is the incident in Canada with Mr.Charles de Gaulle who was asked to leave Canada for saying “Vive le Quebec Libre” and he was the President of France not an unimportant rookie Canadian M.P. This same principle applies to Sri Lanka. It is too bad that Sri Lankan authorities took her at her word and let her in as a “tourist”. Please make it clear to your ignorant M.P.’s that Sri Lanka had every right to cancel her visa and if necessary deport her. Canada is not a colonial power in Sri Lanka. These stunts merely erase any respect there was for Canada.

If her trip was not “political”, why as a Canadian M.P. did she not apply to the Sri Lankan High Commission in Canada for a visa? Are you not aware that it is the right protocol? Is it ignorance or duplicity that she entered Sri Lanka as a “tourist”? The Sri Lankan authorities allowed her to enter in good faith. She has abused that gesture. It is hoped that after this episode, all Canadian politicians will be denied entry to Sri Lanka unless they have a valid visa issued by the mission in Ottawa, have a valid reason for a visit and provide an undertaking that they will not be playing Canadian politics in Sri Lanka.

Rathika is supposed to have gone to Sri Lanka as a tourist to visit her relatives. According to news reports her sister claims that she is having a good time. The claims of house arrest, intimidation etc. are just fabrication to give her visit an importance in Canada – Sri Lanka could not care less. I refer you to an editorial in a news paper titled Rathika Who – please read it for Sri Lankan opinion of her visit and of Canadian M.P.s in general – http:.//www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2014/01/02/rathika-who/ . CBC news broadcast that the news of “house arrest” was false. The Canadian High Commission in Sri Lanka did the same. That this was “staged” by your rookie M.P. is patently obvious and it seems that you too fell for this gimmick. What are you going to do to discipline your M.P.? Perhaps a start would be ask that your members be truthful rather than devious, unprincipled and deceitful. Further, they should be given a crash course on law and how to behave in other countries.

I am copying other parliamentarians who also make untruthful, ignorant and biased statements on Sri Lanka just to impress a few Tamil LTTE supporters in Canada. It is no wonder that the Canadian voters are fed up with the lack of integrity and unprincipled behaviour of parliamentarians and senators in Ottawa.

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva
London, Ontario

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