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Racist Vingeshwaram fear of Defence Budget- Hoping to revive the LTTE?

The racist former chief minister of northern provincial council Vingeshwaram has raised his fear on additional budget allocations to the Sri Lankan defence ministry. Sri Lanka is just emerged from 30 years’ war with ruthless and barbaric Tamil terrorism in May 2009.  The political party then Vingeshwaram represented, Tamil National Alliance, TNA is the official representative of the LTTE Tamil terrorists.

Vingeshwaram raised his concerns at the parliament about the budget allocation for defence expenses. Vingeshwaram is actively working to propagate LTTE terrorist and separatist ideology locally and internationally. Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist diaspora are promoting and supporting Vingeshwaram to revive the LTTE in Sri Lanka. Vingeshwaram has taken that campaign and operation to inside the Sri Lankan parliament.

Extract of Vingeshwaram speech in the parliament is as follows;

Honourable Speaker!

I feel elated in being granted this opportunity to speak at this Parliament during the course of its Budget Debate. I thank the Honourable Speaker for this.

Sri Lanka’s budget deficit in 2021 is expected to be 9 percent of the GDP. Our Government revenue is expected to reach Rs.1.9 Trillion in 2021 and State expenditure will record a new high in Rs.3.52 Trillion.

Budget deficit of Rs. 1.56 Trillion will be financed via 37-40 percent of foreign finance while the remainder will be financed domestically. 

A systematic review of Sri Lanka’s post war defense budget reveals that Sri Lanka spends too much on defense and the defense budget is spent inefficiently. I wonder if the Auditor General has supervisory control over the spending.

During 1983 – 87 our average defense budget was 421 Million US Dollars. In 2009 it was Rs.214 billion. In 2019 it was Rs.306 billion. In 2020 it was Rs.312 billion and for the next year it is Rs.355 billion. The allocation for defense next year compared to 2019 is an increase of 16 % which is 49 billion.

War is over but our Defense expenses are going up higher and higher. Why? 

Is the Government expecting another war, if so with whom? The Tamils or the Indians or the Western Countries? Whom is our government afraid of? Why are we arranging for war time security needs rather than post war security needs?

My suggestion is if less money is spent on the Defense budget more money could be allocated to pay off debts, thereby ensuring more macroeconomic stability.

Let me put my suggestion straight. The Sinhalese are getting to be in readiness for war because you suspect the Tamils. Is it not suspicion, fear and hatred that drives you to arm yourself so lavishly with newer and newer armaments at great cost?  As a result have we not swelled up our National Debt? A Debt prejudicial to you and us!

 We want to do our fishing by ourselves in our traditional areas. We contributed up to 43 percent of the fish needed by this Country in 1983. Now our fishermen are constricted and curtailed from going out into the sea by the Navy as well as fishermen from elsewhere. 

The need of the hour therefore is a change of heart among the powers that be among the Sinhalese. A change of heart on your part would have immense pleasant consequences. You must take us into your confidence. Today’s position as far as the Tamil speaking are concerned is pathetic. After 11 years since the war ended war affected Provinces still lay behind the rest of the Country economically. So it is time you granted self-government to the North and East and allow us and our diaspora to help you and us economically. Let us together move this Country towards peace and prosperity!

I thank you Mr. Speaker!

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