Rajapaksa to take a stand against India

Due to the continuous harassment and interfering with the internal affairs by Indians not only to the small neighboring  countries like Sri Lanka but to the whole Indian Sub-continent for decades, the sentiment of the general public are rising against Indian’s so called imperialism  in the region.   People in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and Maldives are calling for a common front against Indian’s aggression on the neighbors.

A writer below has called Mr. Rajapakse, President of Sri Lanka to lead this common front as Sri Lanka is the country which has been subjected to harassments since 1980s by the Indians. The full text of the letter written to Indians by the write is published below.

The Editor, Letters
The Telegraph
Calcutta, India

Dear Sir:

It is indicated that India and Sri Lanka were “non-committal” on the third resolution against Sri Lanka tabled at the UNHCR in Geneva. No one in Sri Lanka will find that surprising because they know that India will as usual vote against Sri Lanka although  Mr. Singh claims to be “thinking about it” as he has done in the past and Sri Lanka is well aware of India’s constant harassment of Sri Lanka based on the claim that they want to help the Sri Lankan Tamils to which end they created a terrorist group and terrorized Sri Lanka just to win elections in Tamil Nadu. After the defeat of the leadership of the Tamil terrorists, India is now resorting to “diplomatic terrorism” against Sri Lanka because of the upcoming Indian election.

Mr. Rajapakse is well aware that India will again vote against Sri Lanka so he is “non-committal” in public but Sri Lankans hope that in private he has indicated to Mr. Singh that Sri Lanka is tired of India’s interference and aggresssion. They hope that he has indicated to Mr. Singh that Sri Lanka will not tolerate India’s interference because like him, Mr. Rajapakse will only win the next election if he can tell the Sri Lankan voter that he has taken a stand against India. He won the last time because he defeated the Tamil terrorists, next time he will only win if he stands firm against India and defeats Indian interference in the internal matters of Sri Lanka, stops the Indians from poaching in Sri Lankan waters and does not allow  votes in Tamil Nadu to influence him to harass another sovereign country.

Any investigation should include the role that India has played in terrorism in Sri Lanka and particularly the massive human rights abuses of the Indian forces in Sri Lanka because these Indian forces killed thousands of Tamils (Tamil genocide) 4000 rapes documented, shelled the Jaffna hospital killing doctors, nurses and patients just to name a few FACTS documented by the Indians themselves. This is the India that created, funded and supported the Tamil terrorists and used them to terrorize Sri Lanka. Perhaps India should bring in a separate resolution as suggested by Mr. Karunanidhi and co-sponsored by the so called international community who were party to these Indian crimes in Sri Lanka. If the FACTS are documented correctly perhaps Sri Lanka will support it too – then it could be passed unanimously!

Yours truly,

Ira de Silva
St. George Street
London, Ontario, Canada

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