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Ranil to Reduce Army from North if Elected as Prime Minister

The self-appointed Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Ranil has indicated that he will reduce the army presence in Tamil areas once he re-elected as Prime Minister again. At the same time he acknowledged that the prevailing situation in two provinces of East and North is not healthy.  Military Intelligence is constantly on the track of LTTE Tamil terrorist activities. In the recent past since the pro-Tamil Ranil came to power without people vote, number of attacks and shooting incidents occurred for the first time after the wiped out of LTTE Tamil terrorism in Northern province.

In an interview to a Tamil TV, Ranil he also conceded that there is lots of land under the state’s control that can be released in different parts of the country.
Ranil has not elaborated further to whom those lands would be released in the future. Sources are concerned that federalist Ranil would distribute the government land to Tamil refugees living in India and get the political gain and spread the Tamils all over the Island.

Further, Ranil failed to justify as to why high Military and Civilian ration in Northern Province.  Instead, he indicated pulling out troops from Northern area which is considered as a grave threat to the national security.

Pro-Western and minority backed Rani also assured that the government is going to full implementation of the 13th Amendment which would lead to create the future Tamil dominated separatism in both North and Ease two province of Sri Lanka called elam.
On the issue of merger of Northern and Eastern provinces, Ranil said if two provinces pass a resolution supporting a merger which ultimately to create the separate state called elam, Ranil’s government will be supporting to it by holding a referendum to decide the issue instead of Amending  the Indian imposed 13A to then UNP government lead by JR Jayawardena.


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