Religious Cult Behind in Violance

The investigation into the burning of the Presidents Private Residence seems to be moving slowly and high society figures have been summoned.

It is now becoming clear that the Born Again Church had played a crucial role in this horrific act. Their Born Agian pastors led the movement to surround current president private house which they claimed was their Fundamental Right.

But the law is very clear that protesting in private property is a criminal act and therefore liable for a prison sentence. They were very much a part of a conspiracy to harm the President and his wife who is a cancer patient.

Their involvement becomes crystal clear from the manner in which the several numbers of Buddha Statues in the President’s house some which were of historic value had been targeted and damaged purposely. It seems that Buddha statues were smashed with heavy instruments to disfigure and the heads of the Buddha statue in the shrine room broken off leaving headless Buddhas. It showed a intense hatred for Buddhism.

The President who comes from the family that built the Kelaniya Vihara.

Born Agains are well known for breaking statues of other religions. It was Kishan Karunaratne who led the protest has removed the Buddha Statue in the Mayor’s Room in the Towm Hall.

Key figures in this diabolical act include Born Again Dulanjali Jayakody Sirasa, Shevan Daniel and pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists extremist M A Sumanthiran who gave out false information to Sirasa that Ranil Wickremesinghe was refusing to resign.

Another anti-Sinhala Buddhists NGO paid Saliva Pieris who has lied to the public about the facts and law is also in the Born Again Church.

This what their religion preaches. To steal and burn the houses of people they hate to injure the sick and incite hatred and violence in the community.

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