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Sri Lankan court bans commemorations of Tamil Terrorists

A court in Vavuniya has banned eight pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist so-called Tamil civil society members from organizing commemorations events for Tamil Terrorism, following a request from Sri Lankan security forces.

The banning restricts the individuals and pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist organizations, NGOs etc. from attending events between of the 20th to 29th of November after an injunction seeking the banning was filed by the Vavuniya Police.

Pro-LTTE terrorist former MPs Sivashakthi Anandan and S. Sivamohan, Secretary of the Vavuniya families of the disappeared K. Rajkumar, former provincial councillors P. Sathiyalingham, Kayendrakumar, S. Thavapalsingam and S. Aravindan are some of the individuals listed on the court order.

The court order states the named individuals must stop any commemorative activities related to so called Maaveerar Naal between the 20 and 29 November and have been told to appear in court on the 6th of December. Tamil terrorist are also celebrating the birthday of terrorist leader Prabhakaran’s birthday disguise of so called Maaveerar Naal. During the LTTE time in Sri Lanka, Prabhakaran’s birthday was celebrated with attacking and killing people. Tamil politicians who are now crying for human rights have glorified such attacks prior to May 2009.

The Maaveerar Naal or glorification of Tamil terrorism, is held each year on 27th November, the date on which the first LTTE Tamil terrorist, Shankar who carried out the first ever suicide attack on Sri Lankan armed forces and innocent civilians in 1982 killing more than 80 people. The LTTE Tamil terrorists, who had been banned in over 35 countries as a terrorist organization killed more than 20,000 people by executing suicide attacks in Sri Lanka and India.

Sri Lankan government removed all kind of war cemeteries and terrorist monuments built for promoting Tamil terrorism. Further, public events organized to promote and glorifying of Tamil terrorism were also clamped down since 2009 in Sri Lanka.

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