Sri Lankans in Los Angeles Commemorate Victory Day


On Friday evening May 22, while the city was emptying out with residents were driving out of town for the beginning of the Memorial Day weekend, a few Sri Lankans gathered outside the office of the Consulate General to commemorate Victory Day in honor of the brave soldiers who gave their lives to defeat terrorism

A memorandum calling on President Maithripala Sirisena expressing concern on growing signs of an LTTE comeback and urging him to stand firm against separatism was handed over to the Sri Lankan Consulate General’s office at 3250 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles.

Full text of memorandum to HE President Sirisena is follows;

Today we commemorate the sixth anniversary of the defeat of LTTE separatist terrorism.

This victory would not have been a reality without the steadfast dedication of our brave soldiers and the bold decisions made by the political leadership.  We in Los Angeles are joining thousands of our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters throughout the world to light a candle to honor the ultimate sacrifices made by the “Rana viruvo” of the armed forces and police.

During the past six years, the nation has been free of separatist related bombings, calamities and other acts of violence; peace dawned on all parts of the country.

However, this trend is being reversed and we watch with great concern attacks on the nation’s sovereignty and the return of the very elements that terrorized Sri Lanka for thirty long years.  We write to urge you to lay party politics aside and take firm action to curb such diabolical developments.  We call Your Excellency’s attention to the following:

  • The on-going local and international campaigns led by the TNA and the LTTE diaspora to falsely accuse the Sri Lankan troops and political leaders of “Genocide.”
  • Adoption of the “Genocide Resolution” by the Northern Provincial Council by the TNA which is a member of the current government.
  • Commemoration of “Genocide Day” organized by the TNA during the past week in many towns in the north as evidenced by photos and reports from Sri Lanka.  The Eelam flag of the banned LTTE was flown high at these events.  No attempt was made by law enforcement to stop the flying of the separatist flag.
  • Commemoration of “Genocide Day” by LTTE diaspora supporters in numerous world cities with no attempt by the Foreign Ministry and the Sri Lankan diplomatic staff to correct the disinformation spread at these events.
  • Removal of army camps from vulnerable areas with inadequate provisions to prevent return of violence. Already, for the first time since the end of the war, there was violence in the north during the past week. 
  • Numerous challenges to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty by the TNA and other separatist elements.

On this occasion of the observance of the “Victory Day”, we once again urge Your Excellency to be mindful of the immense sacrifices made by our soldiers and implement your powers to eliminate the above threats challenging Sri Lanka’s unitary constitution and its sovereignty.

We wish you the courage and political astuteness to meet the above challenges.

 Sri Lankan Americans of Los Angeles

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