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Sri Lanka’s ‘New Constitution’ to satisfy external parties while suppressing views of the majority

We need to put into context some key factors. When John Kerry openly admits to being proud of regime change in Sri Lanka, it is a clear indication that the January/August 2015 elections had all the hallmarks of foreign intervention. When UN Secretary General showers praises on the new government inspite of law & order visibly collapsing and the UNHRC is happy to wind up resolutions against Sri Lanka, it shows the US-India drafted resolutions were nothing but a farce. When every decision taken by the good governance government is laboriously trying to please those that funded their journey to power, it spells doom for all the ordinary people of Sri Lanka – Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims in toto. To seal our fate is a new constitution most likely being drafted elsewhere using a ploy to turn parliament into one assembly making it a piece of cake to pass when all but a handful of MPs are ready to say ‘yes’ so long as they can enjoy perks and power and sell the country to the Indians/West! 

Moreover when the PM says that he is not willing to work with the previous junta he is with one statement slashing the views of some 5.8million voters or 48% of the voters in Sri Lanka. This is a large segment of views to omit from a new constitution !

We seriously need to wonder in whose interest the new constitution is being drafted. 

A constitution without freedom of expression

Where is the freedom of expression today? Is there media freedom? Are the views against the constitution equally balanced? Why is the pro-constitution endorsements not balanced with those trying to caution the govt and the people against it? Who owns the media outlets, how are they politically linked to those in power and how far have these content analysis displayed a targeted attack on all those trying to educate the masses on the simple fact that the new constitution is not meant to satisfy Sinhalese, Muslims and least of all the Tamils? Why are these views being suppressed? Is there anything ‘independent’ happening in the country. Where are the people who were screaming for justice and order now? How far has the judiciary itself been made independent? Not a single person is even questioning on what grounds intelligence officers of the country can be arrested under the PTA! 

What is exactly at stake?

Apart from losing the sovereignty of the country, our leaders are foolish not to realize that they are selling off the nation to the very countries that had been attempting to destabilize it for centuries. They must next wonder what their role will be thereafter and whether any of their mistakes can ever be reversed. All those who want to change the constitution must first put down what in the present constitution needs changing so that only what needs to change can be discussed/debated publicly by all before changing the entire constitution. 

India comes top on the list having funded, trained and armed terrorism. India’s role as state sponsor of terrorism has never been investigated nor have India’s killings in Sri Lanka during the IPKF where 3000 Tamil women were raped and innocent Tamils, Sinhalese and Muslims were killed. Moreover India were even training another militant force inside Sri Lanka. 

If India was able to change Sri Lanka’s constitution in 1987 after the Indo-Lanka Accord it makes the new constitution a walk in the park. Not a single government dared to revoke or dilute the powers of the provincial council system India introduced through the 13th amendment. Thereafter, India has been penetrating into every area of Sri Lanka – economically, politically, socially and with each year expanded its might. India has in its pockets the leaders of most politically parties in Sri Lanka of all the ethnic communities and are able to pull their strings whenever India wishes. These leaders are ready to dance to any tune India plays. The constitution changed according to how India wishes will be the icing on the cake and no different to how India has managed to influence and control fellow neighbours of India through tactics that puts to shame India’s expectation as a regional partner turning India into a regional bully and misfit amongst the Asian nations.

Then we have the West and its predatory bag of goodies promising ‘democracy, human rights and freedom’. Democracy was promised to both Iraq and Libya now both nations are in a state of ruin and the West has taken over their oil and have managed to use Wahhabi Islam to get Muslims to kill Muslims while the West secures the Middle East and the same is being done in Africa. With the focus now on Asia, India has been co-opted to do the dirty work on behalf of the West, the Hindus obviously clueless about being used to destroy fellow Asian neighbours riding on a silly promise of a permanent seat in the UN Security Council.

In the meanwhile the man who has funded many of America’s coloured revolutions using his organizations and local staff is given VVIP welcome alongside the international war criminal Blair who is not even welcome by the British Foreign Office! Now every day some foreign official or the other is arriving including those who had close links to the LTTE. If they are not interfering in our internal affairs why are they coming so frequently and why are they issuing statements on Sri Lanka. Britain says it is not interfering in the internal affairs but is trying to restructure our military. With the Sri Lankan Army being the only army to get rid of terrorists militarily if anyone should be doing the training it is the Sri Lankan Forces!

It is players involved in the constitution making that has most Sri Lankans now worried which has had the PM jump to defend by claiming that Buddhism and the Unitary status will not change. However, at this juncture while we are battling to save Buddhism the Orthodox Christian Church is fighting to survive the Vatican onslaughts! Syria was once part of the Orthodox Christian Byzantine Empire. www.veteranstoday.com Somehow all these manoeuvres have some distinct historical unfulfilled goal to them. While we are told what language to use and not use Cameron is telling Muslim women in UK that they must learn English to integrate. When the majority of people in Sri Lanka speak Sinhalese shouldn’t the rest of the populace learn Sinhala first?

Nepal’s new constitution also involving the same meddlesome nations took nearly a decade to come into reality. Sri Lanka’s constitution is attempting to make the Guinness book of records by rushing it through as if running for a marathon. What is the hurry? The Sri Lankan people did not ask for it. So who exactly want it to be adopted and why? These are the burning questions that must be asked and answered. The President is likely to find out later than sooner that his presidential powers are to be clipped and handed over to his present PM who will become Executive PM with the same and more Presidential powers. If we know the players drafting the constitution it is most likely that the real version will not be seen by any of us no different to ceasefire agreement signed in 2002 the original version of which no one has seen yet.

What the public of this country needs to now be alert to is the fact that our country’s constitution is being changed to create a new one that would give free hold to external forces to control and administer all of us as if we are their slaves and the present lot of betrayers most probably will be given their pocketful’s for the service rendered. Having neutralized all the protective layers of the country – the armed forces, the police, the honest public servants and introducing trade agreements that would facilitate the take over by external forces of our land and territory all of us will lose our sovereignty. It is now making sense the calls for IDPs (who did not even own land) to be given land in areas where the Indians/West are eyeing to create their hubs so that they can buy over these lands from the IDPs for tuppence on a 99 year lease.

If our leaders are literate enough to read and the media is free and independent enough to highlight these dangers we are walking into the damage can be averted. However, with all sane comments omitted from public domain except personal circulation it is a one-horse race for the drafters of the new constitution.

Shenali D Waduge

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