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Sumanthiran got a Court Order to stop building Buddhist Temple

Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist extremist TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran who formed a so called  Tamil Advocacy Group  with a group of Tamil lawyers pretext of protecting  Tamil rights had filed a court case allegedly  challenging the government  institutions acquiring  state lands which are then made inaccessible to the Tamil public.


Twenty seven pro-separatist Tamil lawyers grouped together to disestablishes the public harmony after defeating of LTTE Tamil terrorism in 2009 . One of them had filed two plaints at the Trincomalee High Court on behalf of the Tamil.

One of these plaints allegedly had challenged the acquisition of state land to construct Buddhist Temples within the Kuchchaveli Divisional Secretary’s area in Trincomalee District. The other alleged challenged was acquisition of 354 acres of paddy land in Thennamaravadi state activities.

The High Court issued three stay orders in favour of the Petitioners. A Tamil judge M. Elancheliyan has issued the following interim orders;

  1. Disallowed stopping Petitioners from entering their lands;
  2. Disallowed any obstacle from being placed against the Petitioners’ efforts at developing their land or doing agriculture thereon;
  3. Stopped the giving away of these lands to any Buddhist Temple.

Matters will be heard again on 23rd  Nov. 2020.

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