Tamil Genocide Day – Is it to remember civilians or LTTE?

This question needs to be asked and answered. Sri Lanka’s terror did not begin at home. India trained Sri Lankan youth in India clandestinely and these groups which included the LTTE were sent on a mission to destablize Sri Lanka. That was how terrorism started. That terrorism led to 3 decades of terror with loss of lives to civilians, military personnel, politicians, public servants, clergy, foreign nationals and even forcing Tamils to become part of a movement fictitiously claiming to fight for a separate homeland. It is silly to be mourning the last stages of the conflict when every day, every month and every year lives were lost because of LTTE. The Tamils killed by LTTE are far more than the allegations without proof made against Sri Lanka. Therefore, despite no commemoration since 2009 why is there such an urgency for some quarters to be suddenly coming up with nomenclatures like ‘Tamil Genocide Day’. The Question is are these commemorations for Dead Civilians or Dead LTTE cadres? When Eelam flag is flown at each even with books on Prabakaran sold we seriously have to wonder what the hidden agenda is about.

There are some hard facts that need to be recirculated

  • The former Supreme Court Judge and present Northern Province Chief Minister needs to be aware that leaving aside the exaggerated and bizarre guestimates been made by third-parties. He must also know that genocide is not a word that can be used and to get away easily and there are laws that can be thrown at the Chief Minister & NPC – already a case is filed of NPC violating the Penal Code Section 120.
Figure Killed Source
7721 UN Country Team in Sri Lanka (Ban Ki Moon panel cannot simply brush this figure aside claiming it is ‘too low to accept’!
7400 – including LTTE Government Survey conducted after the conflict.

2600 missing (1600 with LTTE / 438 disappeared in areas under military control)

7896 – including LTTE July 2011 survey by Tamil Teachers of the North (2005-2009)

1102 died from natural illness

2564 UNICEF sponsored Family Tracing & Verification Unit 2011 compilation listed untraceable persons of which 676 were children (64% of these were kidnapped by LTTE
11,111 Institute of Conflict Management, Delhi
15,000 – 18,000 Independent Diaspora Analysis Group, Sri Lanka
10,000 (not exceeding 15,000) Rajasingham Narendra “my estimate is that the deaths-cadres, forced labor and civilians were very likely around 10,000 and did not exceed 15,000 at most’
12,000 Muttukrishna Sarvananthan of Point Pedro Institute (without LTTE)
16,000 Dr Noel Nadesan “roughly 16,000 including LTTE, natural and civilians’
10,000 – 18,000 Prof. Michael Roberts
2972 Data compiled by the South Asia Terrorism Portal using figures released by pro-LTTE website Tamilnet placed figures at 2972 until 5 April 2009
2800 UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay’s press release of 13 March 2009 ‘as many as 2800 civilians’…’may have been killed’. (big difference in may have been & actually killed’.
7398 Pro-LTTE website Tamilnet reported this figure
NOTE The Presidential Commission to investigate into Missing Persons with a mandate from 1983 to 2009 has received only 16,179 complaints from civilians and 5000 from wives/family of security personnel as of 9 April 2015.

Therefore, hard as anyone may try to inflate figures they need to first substantiate them with names of the dead at least. Anyone is welcome to mourn the dead but people need to have died. 

The next issue is are these civilians being mourned or LTTE. 

If we to go by the wild numbers been thrown at the Sri Lankan Government with minimum 40,000 – there should be at least 40,000 mothers or relations present to grieve the dead! We did not see such! Moreover, do grieving mothers or relations wish to have their grief covered by media to showcase they are grieving. Does the event have to be a tamasha? 

The next question is if the mourning is really for civilians why is it that LTTE-fronts (banned by UNSC Resolution 1373) are organizing these events worldwide? LTTE fronts naturally mourn LTTE dead! 

More importantly why are all these events with an Eelam flag? Civilians have nothing to do with Eelam? Well that’s what we think anyways and it is on this basis that we continue to say the military operation was against LTTE terrorists and not Tamils. 

If anyone is in doubt we would like to know who killed these Tamils:

  • Who killed Lakshman Kadiragamar? The LTTE,
  • Who killed TULF leader Amirthalingam? The LTTE.
  • Who killed Mayor Alfred Duraiappah? The LTTE
  • Who killed Mr & Mrs. Sam Tambimuttu? The LTTE
  • The list of Tamils killed by LTTE is too long to feature.
  • The list of LTTE cadres killed by LTTE for disobeying orders is unknown & never likely to be even investigated! It is a topic out of scope even with the UNHRC!
For the LTTE fronts commemorating ‘Tamil Genocide’ and being banned for supporting LTTE, it is reminded that statements from UN SG Ban Ki Moon, Foreign Envoys and other international statements issued during the final stages of the war castigated LTTE for keeping civilians as hostages/human shields and LTTE was asked to release them. If civilians were kept and suffered consequences it is the LTTE that must take blame.

The Northern Province Chief Minister representing an alliance that finds its root to 2001 when LTTE created the TNA and sent its nominees for parliamentary elections, has read out a statement at the ‘Tamil Genocide “Today is the day of remembrance of those relatives of ours who died during the last stages of the war” why only last stages of the war… he is the Chief Minister of not only Tamils but of all the people living in North. Why has he forgotten to remember the so many other citizens of the country who have died over 3 decades? Let us remind the people that the NPC Chief Minister has been living all his life in Colombo except for the past 3 or so years when he went to live in North only after 2012!

The Chief Minister also says “Six years have passed. Proper particulars of those who passed away during the said period are still to be ascertained.” For starters it would be good to first give the names/addresses and other details of the supposed dead. Any complaint even to the police needs to first have details submitted before they are investigated. Here the request is to start investigations without naming the dead!

Notice how cunningly the Chief Minister evades using reference to ‘civilians’ instead he says “those innocents who passed away during the last stages of the war”. “Innocent” is in the eyes of the beholder and for some even terrorists are innocent freedom fighters!

Understanding that a mother may wish to grieve her dead child even if he/she is a terrorist, she does not need tamashas, media or a Chief Minister to elevate her grievance. She can do so privately in her own.

So we return to the question – why is there need for so many tamashas when people don’t even know who is dead (6 years and still no names!) to grieve!.

But when LTTE fronts and LTTE Eelam Flags are hoisted and Tamils have to pay to the LTTE kitty we seriously have to ask whether there is a charade taking place where under the guise of mourning civilians the real mourning is of the LTTE Dead!

Shenali D Waduge

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