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Cannes Film Festival Exposed Bogus Tamil (terrorists) Migrants

67th-cannes-film-festival-posterThe Cannes film festival in France was able to expose the trues picture of the Tamil political asylum seekers in Europe. It is a fact that most of the Tamils who are seeking political asylum or refugee status are based on the fabricated fake story to penetrate through the relax laws and regulations toward migrants. In one case it was revealed that torturing laboratories are running for a fee by the LTTE operators in Europe to misguide the by immigration officers to obtain the asylum status by the former LTTE Tamil terrorists.

Speaking after the ceremony, Audiard said that it was “important to reflect” on the current situation, although he wrote the script five years ago, “when it wasn’t so critical”.

The film “Dheepan” by Jacques Audiard exposed the true story of a former LTTE Tamil terrorists Tiger seeking a new life in France after killing thousands of innocent civilians in Sri Lanka. Audiard’s film is the tale of a former Tamil terrorists in the Sri Lankan war who seeks asylum in France by means of a fake family and fabricated story to misguide the immigration authorities in France. Audiard said that it is ‘important to reflect’ on the current situation of the so called political asylums.

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