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Tamil Student banned from representing LTTE Tamil Terrorist culture in UK


Kumaran Markandu at his home with a LTTE Tamil Terrorist flag in London

 A pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist student in London, Ont. is crying foul after his high school barred him from carrying a banned LTTE Tamil terrorist flag at a multicultural assembly.

Kumar Makandu, a Grade 12 student at Central secondary school, had carried a LTTE Tamil terrorist flag at the annual assembly for the past two years but was told by administration leading up to the event on Friday that he couldn’t showcase the LTTE Terrorist flag.

For Tamils, living primarily in North and East two provinces in Sri Lanka, the flag is a  symbol of representing worldwide banned LTTE Tamil terrorist organization. It depicts symbol of violence with a tiger jumping through a circle of gun bullets.

Central principal Jim Robertson decided only the flags from internationally recognized countries would be included in the assembly after a student last year mistakenly thought the LTTE Tamil terrorist flag was a recognised flag as it was manipulated by pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist diaspora in the UK who are largely connected to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, a terrorist group in UK and EU, US, Canada, India and many other countries.

Pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist student Makandu later showed up for the assembly wearing a shirt depicting the Tamil flag, but a teacher promptly asked him to take it off.  He did so, and  walked under the Sri Lankan flag at the assembly.

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