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Tamils call for ‘No Aid” for Sri Lanka, and Referendum for Tamil eelam

Shritharan Sivagnanam, an MP from the pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists political party called Tamil National Alliance (TNA), met with US diplomats and members of the US Congress, and has requested for an independent referendum for Tamil eelam.

In discussions with diplomats, Shirthanran, an extremist Tamil politician has stated that the US government should assist in allowing for an independent referendum monitored by the international community to democratically and peacefully determine a political solution to so called Tamil ethic issue.

At this discussion, the racist Tamil MP has also urged US to take steps to prosecute Sri Lanka for genocide and crimes during the war against Tamil terrorist.

The MP has also said that until a referendum is held, an interim international security mechanism should be put in place to safeguard the Tamil people across the North-East.

In addition to this, MP has noted that Sri Lanka must ratify the Rome statute, implement all unfulfilled resolutions and remove the military from the Tamil regions and drastically demilitarize the area.

A full text of the media briefing issued on the meeting between pro-LTTE TNA MP and US diplomat is as below.

According to the Sri Lankan constitution, Schedule 17, Article 157A, all MPs are barred to promote separatism within Sri Lanka.  The racist and extremist Sivagnanam Shritharan shall be prosecuted for treason.

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