TNA Needs to Regroup all Former Terrorist Groups

The head of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Movement (TELO), a former Tamil terrorist group, turned to mainstream politics,  Selvam Adaikalanathan pointed out that within his Tamil political party alliance the pro-LTTE Tamil terrorists, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) has series of issues within its various political parties. A partner of TNA and PLOTE, both are initially terrorist organisations wants that “all the movements involved in Tamil armed struggle… should unite and strengthen the Tamil National Alliance.”

These remarks come just days after fractures within the TNA came to the fore, in the wake of Ranil Wickremesinghe being appointed Sri Lanka’s latest president. Wickremesinghe was elected by Sri Lanka’s lawmakers, and told the TNA that he “knew” some of them from TNA had voted for him despite a party announcement that they would boycott Ranil Wickramasinghe.

Some sector of TNA was critical of the direction the alliance is heading in, and called for TNA leader, extremist and racist  R Sampanthan to step down,  highlighting the 89-year’s “illness and inability to function actively as before” and also has raised that spokesperson M A Sumanthiran “cannot be acceptable as the leader of the alliance”.

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