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Two Tamils arrestee for ‘promoting terrorism’ online

The Sri Lankan Terrorism Investigation Division (TID) attested two pro- LTTE Tamil terrorists Tamils in Jaffna on Monday for “promoting terrorism” and promoting “terrorism-related activities” on their YouTube channel in Sri Lanka.

Tamil terrorism was defeated and wiped-out from Sri  Lankan Island in May 2009 by the Sri Lankan  security forces.

The TID arrested a 36-year-old Tamil man and a 35-year old Tamil woman who managed the YouTube channel and a related website (TubeTamil).

Police spokesman, said that “those channels had promoted LTTE ideology in the cyberspace to instigate terrorism and separatism in Sri Lanka again.

“The YouTube channel and the website had created disharmony among the ethnic groups of Sri Lanka,” he added.

Police insisted that the website and the YouTube promoted “LTTE ideology” as well as the LTTE leader’s speeches and symbols. The TID has also confiscated the channel’s equipment and documents in a raid to its office which is located in Nawalar Street, Jaffna.

The arrested channel operators are currently being taken for further interrogation to the TID’s headquarters in Colombo.

The stifling of Tamil civil society continues to grow in Sri Lanka with journalists, activists and public being subjected to greater surveillance for promoting and lobbying terrorism and separatism in Sri Lanka. The recently released Gazette proscribes numerous pro-LTTE  Tamil  terrorists Tamil diaspora organisations and individuals.

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