UK Labour Party to Work with LTTE Tamil Diaspora

The leader of Labour Party of UK, Keir Starmer, said that the Labour Party will continue to work with the Tamil community (LTTE Tamil terrorist diaspora) to call for justice and for human rights against Sri Lanka. Also, said that “the UK must continue to lead and be a strong voice on international accountability.

In his pro-LTTE message Starmer said, “This is also a time for us to reflect on the ongoing struggle for peace and justice in Sri Lanka. The current situation there is of great concern to many of you.” Labour Party frequently promoting Tamil diaspora demands to get Tamil’s vote in elections. “I too am deeply concerned that the Sri Lankan Government has withdrawn from the 2015 UN Human Rights Council Resolution on accountability, justice and reconciliation. UK is very concern about Sri Lanka withdrawal from bogus war crimes allegations brought by UK and other pro-LTTE foreign governments.

Though LTTE is a banned terrorist organization in UK, both Labour and Conservative government are promoting LTTE terrorist and separatism activities in UK soil.

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