UK Rejected Tamils’ Request for ICC to Sri Lanka

The South Asia Department of the Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office of the United Kingdom has stated in a letter issued to pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora that they  believed that the UNHRC framework is the best way to resolve any issues between all communities in Sri Lanka and has rejected the pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora request for referring of Sri Lanka to International Criminal Court, ICC.

This letter has been issued to the pro-LTTE Tamil groups in response to their demanded of both ICC referral and investigations on genocide in their letters to the British Foreign Secretary. In its reply to pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist diaspora by Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office has categorically stated that  “The ICC could only exercise jurisdiction if the situation is referred to it by a UN Security Council Resolution, or if Sri Lanka accepts the Court’s jurisdiction. Our assessment is that this step would not have the support of the required Security Council members and that it would not advance the cause of accountability for an ICC referral to fail to win Security Council support or to be vetoed.

Pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora have been demanding the UK and the other UN Member States to make a specific reference in their UNHRC resolutions to investigate the protracted genocide inflicted upon Eelam Tamils since 1956 in the Dominion of Ceylon (1948-1972) and later the Republic of Sri Lanka since 1972.

In 1947, the British introduced the Constitution continuing the centralised and unitary government structure, which had existed in the crown colony of Ceylon since 1833.  At that time extremist and racial Tamil elite leaders demeaned 50/50 minority representation in the legislative council while total population of minority at that time was well below 25% of the total population of Sri Lanka.

The letter issued to pro-LTTE Tamil groups by Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office of UK is as follows;

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