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Webinar; Sri Lanka: Justice for Tamils and UNHRC reality

Tamil Civil Societies’ in response to reports of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has organised an international webinar on the topic of  “Sri Lanka: Justice for Tamils and UNHRC reality”

The Webinar is planning to discuss the three-decade civil war brought elite Tamils in North Sri Lanka a fortune to claim refugee status in western countries, mainly Canada, UK, Switzerland, Germany, France. Most importantly, over 97% of LTTE fighters belong to the lower caste and cannot afford to pay the human smuggling rink also operated by LTTE Tamil terrorist backed Tamil diaspora for their passage to those countries.

The caste prosperity system in the North has one of the factors for civil unrest among Tamils and canot be ignored the reconciliation effort.

In order to mitigate the caste property system in North, Sri Lanka government has passed the legislation, Prevention of Social Disabilities Act, (No. 21 Of 1957) – An Act to Prevent the Imposition of Social Disabilities on Any Persons by Reason of Their Caste.

However, Tamil diaspora enjoying luxuries life in western countries supports LTTE Tamil Terrorist propaganda keep a tight lip on this matter.

UNHRC does not support North and East Tamils’ reconciliation efforts but for LTTE diaspora living in the western world. Peace and stability in Sri Lanka are not favoured for collecting money, human smuggling, and claiming asylum. Therefore, UNHRC utilized it as a platform for LTTE’s propagandist self-serving agenda.

The Webinar will be holding on Sunday, Mar 7, 2021.

The timing of the Webinar is as follows;

11:00 AM EST Canada and USA.

4:00 PM GMT London, UK.

9:30 PM IST Jaffna, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

5:00 PM CET Geneva, Switzerland.

8.00PM – United Arab Emirates

Register can be made from the following link;


The Panelists for the webinar are

Arun Siddharth, Convener, Jaffna Civil Society Centre, Sri Lanka.

Dr. Muthusamy Malaravan, Consultant Eye Surgeon, Teaching Hospital Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

Harsha Govinda, Founder – School of Civil Aeronautical Club, Jaffna Central College, Sri Lanka.

The Webinar is jointly organized by Ontario Centre for Policy Research, Canada and London Initiative, UK.

More information on the Webinar and related matters can be obtained form Public Policy Research Division, Ontario Centre for Policy Research, 364 Moffatt Pond Crt, Unit # 12, Ottawa, Ontario, K2J 6G1. Canada. Email: office@policy-research.ca

Website; www.policy-research.ca

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