Core-Group Against Sri Lanka Infringing on Sovereignty

London Initiative in UK, and Ontario Centre for Policy Research in Canada, a policy research think tanks comprised  with academics and professionals based in Europe and Canada have analyzed the latest resolution issued by the Core-group against Sri Lanka in the UNHRC. The so called Core Group of countries are  Canada, Germany, North Macedonia, Malawi, Montenegro, and the UK. While UK showing the friendly face leading the group against Sri Lanka.

The think tanks have observed polarization in political opinions in the proposed UNHRC resolution at the UN Human Rights Council. Therefore, they have made their observations and comments to the UK government who leads the Core Group and has requested to use it as an instrument of genuine reconciliation.

The Think Tanks have found that Core Groups had overstepped in following five areas. Based on these five primary areas the Think Tanks have compiled their analysis and response to the resolution prepared by the Core Group;

  1. Infringement on Sovereignty of Sri Lanka
  2. Misconstrued Accountability
  3. Demonstrating Prejudice Against Sri Lanka
  4. Creating Hostility Among UNHRC Members
  5. Non-Deliverable Recommendations

The Think Tanks requesting that the UK to invite Sri Lanka to work with the UNHRC to develop a deliverable set of recommendation in line with international human rights standards and aspirations of the Sri Lankan public through the current resolution.

Further, Think Tanks had requested that the United Kingdom and Core Group shall withdraw the current version of the resolution A HRC 46 L.1 English REV 1 against Sri Lanka altogether.

The full text of the letter sent by London Initiative in UK and Ontario Centre for Policy Research in Canada is as follows;

Click Here to View 18-letter LI and OCPR

The proposed resolution compiled by the Core Group lead by UK is as follows;

Click Here to View Core Group proposal

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