Open Letter to Pro-LTTE Australian Labour Party

In the backdrop of pro-LTTE Tamil terrorist stance taken by the Australian Labour Party, ALP much peace loving people globally and in particularly in Australians moved away from ALP. Numbers of key figures of ALP openly associated with the world most ruthless terrorist organization, LTTE which was banned in US, Canada and EU, and many other countries.

Recently several numbers of APL members prised and associated with LTTE propaganda campaign to glorified terrorism and separatism by the LTTE Tamil terrorists.

The letter below has been written to ALP officials by an Australian who was a strong supporter of the ALP.

Wayne Swan (National President)
Mark Butler (National Senior Vice President)
Mich-Elle Myers (National Junior Vice President)
Paul Erickson (National Secretary)

Dear Members of the ALP National Executive,

Given below is the reply I sent to Clare Burns, State Secretary, ALP Victorian Branch, rejecting my application to join the Victorian Branch of the ALP.  Being an ardent supporter of the Labour Movement till recently, and believing in what it stood for, I gradually realized that the Labour Movement would compromise its principles for a fist full of Dollars. You can see the proof of my statement by only viewing the picture, which was also carried by the “Tamil Guardian” newspaper. What would be your reaction (and that of the Federal Police indeed) if the podium was draped with the ISIS flag and the picture over Mr. McDermott’s head was that of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? What is the difference? Please let me know your honest views rather than putting a political spin on it.

It is only fair that you, as members of the ALP National Executive know what is going on within the Party.

Dear Clare,

I am glad that I am no longer associated with the Australian Labour Party because I am now convinced that the Labour Party has no Principles when it comes to supporting Terrorism on the one hand and fighting Terrorism on the other. I fail to understand how the Labour Party can support Terrorism in Sri Lanka while our Armed Forces are fighting Terrorism in other parts of the world.

Please open the links below to see one of your Labour Party MPs, (Mr. Hugh McDermott) openly participating in the commemoration of the LTTE Black Tigers, responsible for killing and maiming thousands of civilians in Sri Lanka. I can’t comprehend how this event can be commemorated in open violation of the Australian Domestic and International Law. Mr. McDermott is speaking from a podium draped with the banned Tiger Flag and the dead Tiger Leader in the background.

If this is not blatant, shameless endorsement of Terrorism I hope you will be able to educate me on the subject.

I do not wish to divulge any further personal information since the Australian Labour Party can no longer be trusted. Please donate my money to a Charity.

All the Best,

Gyan de Mel.

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